27 Weeks…….and a bit

27 weeksHere is the 27 week photo.  I am actually 27 weeks and 4 days, so really – I’m closer to 28 weeks, but it’s going down for the 27 week picture.  Maybe if I get my act together I’ll actuaoly start taking the pictures a little closer to Saturday each week, but it usually works out that I get the pictures taken on the Tuesday or Wednesday, and so they are all roughly a week apart.

I compared last weeks with this week, and even if I couldn’t already tell – just ’cause this belly is hanging off of the front of me - my belly is more rounded than last week.  It’s kinda cool………at least to me it is, and really – that’s what matters most.

I am definately feeling like I’m pregnant, and I’m pretty sure that I look pregnant as well.  Mind you, when Jon and I stopped at Starbucks on Monday, we ran into someone we hadn’t seen in a while, and I was sitting down, and after we finished talking I asked Jon if I really looked pregnant when I was sitting, or could I just be looking fat.  What a depressing thought, to think that someone might think that had just packed on a ton of weight.  Not like I hadn’t done it before, but still – when I had worked so hard to lose it, and then to think that I still might just look heavier than I should.  It was depressing for all of 2 seconds, until I felt the baby move, and then I really could care less about what anyone thought, ’cause my baby was still alive, and to feel him moving is the best feeling on earth.

I’ve been SOOOOOOOO busy these past couple of days, and I’m not seeing an end in sight for the next couple after this.

I have a busy day tomorrow that I have to try and cram too amny things into, and then I am planning on going into VGH to see Chris on Friday.  Really, I should say that I’m going in to “hang around the hospital”, ’cause then I won’t be disappointed when I leave to go home, and I’ve only spent a grand total of 45 minutes with Chris, but hung out at the hospital for 6 hours.  I don’t know what kind of shape he’ll be in anyway, ’cause he was going to have surgery today, but I think that he is actually having it tomorrow.

That’s okay!  It’s nice to just be there, and to see Nina and the other family that shows up.  That’s just as much a boost as actually seeing him, “being family” together.

Well, next week is going to be brutal, ’cause Jon is doing sound for a conference ALL NEXT WEEK.  So, I’m doing the single mom thing for a week.  SUCKS!  Not that single mom’s suck, but they have to do SO MUCH WORK, and I hate haveing to do all the work, and I’m fortunate enough that I don’t HAVE to do all the work.

I don’t think I mentioned recently that I have the best husband EVER.  I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but not recently.  Really he is!  He has been working hard, AND taking care of the kids when I go in to town, AND cooking dinners, AND helping out with the cleaning, AND helping out with the laundry, AND making sure the kids do their homework (*cough* most of the time * cough*).  Really, I have to give him some extra credit, and HUGE amounts of appreciation, ’cause he has been so supportive and enableing me to be with Chris and the family at this stresfull time, and I really, really, really, REALLY appreciate him.

 I really appreciate you, babe!  

……..and just to show you all how much I appreciate him, I think that in the next day or two, I’m going to scan some of the amazing photos that his Mum gave me of him, and do a bit of a photo tribute to him.  Believe me, their are some “BEAUTIES” that you will NOT want to miss……..seriously!  Maybe tomorrow, if I have a “teeny-tiny” bit of time!

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3 thoughts on “27 Weeks…….and a bit”

  1. Whew! I thought your were going to tell us how you “show him appreciation”.
    Close one. The pictures will be fun, though.
    Love you,

  2. Patti…I must say is was SO nice to see you today!(even if it was just for a couple minutes!!)And you are looking amazing! It’s deffinetlly the “pregnant” look …not the “packed-on-a-few-pounds-look”!!! Seriously…you’re a beautiful beautiful mommy! Hey have you ever heard of shop & swaps?? There’s one in chilliwack that a friend of mine and myself go to sometimes (they’re once a month)…you can get some really really great baby stuff soooo cheap! (you can bring stuff to sell too)…it’s basically just a bunch of mom’s who get together in someones house and bring their baby stuff that they don’t need anymore (and man…you can get some really really awesome finds sometimes!). It’s the first monday night of the month…..let me know if you’d ever want to go in with us (my friend is due with twin girls aug 1st…so all of us are getting down to the wire! WOO HOO!!!! :).
    Take care my friend, lots of love and BIG HUGS

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