Success and Anxiety


So, I tried again tonight and YAY! I made it. I re-did Week 2 Day 3 of the “Couch to 5k” program AND…….did it with no problems. This is after not running for over a week…..almost two weeks? I’m not sure? I’m quite excited about that.

My knees feel tired but not injured which is good.

So Saturday, I’ll be attempting Week 3 Day 1…….which is a bit of a jump from this week but I’m trying to not worry about that.

I have been worrying quite a bit though. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you might remember that at the end of last year, I realized that I’ve been dealing with and fighting against anxiety, my whole life (for as long back as I can remember). Most specifically Social Anxiety but heck, if it can be worried or stressed about……most likely I’ve worried about it at some point in my life.

I went on Anti- Anxiety meds back at the end of November 2012. I was started on an extremely low dose and it made a HUGE difference. I don’t even know that I could fully explain (and most definitely not from mg phone – I’m posting from my phone……yah for the WordPress App) how much of a positive difference it made and how fast.

When I found out I was pregnant, at the beginning of January……to be honest, I felt devastated because it was best for the baby if I went off the meds. I had UNREAL amounts of anxiety for the twelve weeks that I was pregnant and would have been seeing a Reproductive Phsycologist this week had I still been pregnant. (That appt was to discuss the safest meds I could take that would still help me.)

Probably, had I not gone through the 2-2.5 stressful “cancer” years……I’d still be just plugging along; but those years really did a number on me. There is so much “fall out” from a family member going through something like that.

I started back on the meds as soon as I miscarried. I went back to my dr and checked in with him. It was all good and I made an appt for a follow up in 2 months from then.

But the meds don’t seem to be affecting me in quite the same way they did initially. I’m not sure if hormones are at play – my hormones always seem to be messed up after a miscarriage – or what the issue is but what I do know, is that I feel anxious. And it SUCKS!

I have an appt for Wednesday to talk about the possibility of a dosage increase…..but I’ll see what my Dr. says

It’s tough to feel anxious about stupid things. Things that really should make no difference and most people wouldn’t even give those things a second thought. Where as me……I fight those thoughts a third and fourth and fifth and even tenth time; and get more and more exhausted because I’m always fighting “the anxiety”

It’s hard to feel like you’re not enjoying life because everything’s a fight. And so for now……I take meds because its what I believe I need. In some ways, even taking the meds feels like I’m “failing”. Like I should be trying harder and yet……..I’m “tried” out; and going this route… enables me to still be available for my family. Which is so necessary………although, I’d love to check out……not forever……just for a moment….maybe to catch my breath.

It’s what all mom’s hope for, right?

Author: Patricia Culley

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3 thoughts on “Success and Anxiety”

  1. Hi! It’s been awhile since I’ve commented but I’ve been faithfully reading and praying for you and your family.

    Please don’t feel like a failure for taking meds. I’m sure there are people around you telling you this but you are making a choice for you and your family and so it’s the right choice for you. I feel like the last thing you need on top of everything else is condemnation because you experience anxiety and need something to help you out. I’m praying that you can let go of those feelings.

    To be honest, I get overwhelmed just reading about your life and what keeps happening to you guys! I absolutely cannot imagine how overhwelming it is for you to actually live it. My favorite posts are when I hear about people helping you out or when you discover a new thing that makes your family life runs better. Keep up the good work and know that we’re praying for you.


  2. Patti, thanks for your transparency. I, too, take low level meds for anxiety. I felt like such a complete failure when I first started; however, I’ve come to realize that it is no different than needing meds for my high cholestrol. Sometimes I feel that we who believe so deeply in God and his provision and healing somehow feel that we have failed if we can’t “rise above” our circumstances and needs. Jonathan has always been very special to us; I wish I had the opportunity to know you better. I admire and respect you so much. Much love your way.

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