Magnets And Gas

So there I was…..doing pretty good. I posted every day for a while and then…BAM! Life kinda took over!

But, It’s all okay NOW!

Last Sunday we had some people over for lunch and one person brought their super cool magnetic necklace, block, toy thingy. This thing is so cool.

It was getting passed around and looked at and played with and somehow 5 of the little tiny magnetic balls got lost. I managed to find 1 of them which left 4……I’m pretty good at Math, aren’t I?

I wasn’t too worried because I had swept every square inch of my floor and I didn’t figure that Judah had been around when it was getting passed around and so there was no way that he had gotten into or near any of these tiny – BUT STRONG – magnets.

Everyone left and I said that I’d keep a look out for the other 4 magnetic balls and carried on my way.

Monday was just a normal day and Tuesday looked like it was shaping up to be more of the same…..until the afternoon. I went to change Judah’s diaper and when I did……something looked oddly shiny and most definitely out of place. Yup, It was one of those magnetic balls.

I was a bit shocked and super upset because if there was one…what’s to say there wasn’t more than one and how would I know that two magnets hadn’t stuck together inside of his intestines and were going to cause some major problems….if you know me at all, I went straight to the “worse case scenario”. It was pretty sad. I couldn’t fathom a million hour ER visit and so we called our family Dr to see if they could possibly fit us in. They couldn’t so then we called the walk in clinic and seeing as he was happy and had no fever and didn’t seem to be in any discomfort, they said to bring him in first thing in the morning and they’d check him out and send us for an X-ray. Of course they gave us the whole “fever, blood, blah, blah, blah speech – do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to the ER” spiel.

Long story short, on Wednesday morning, we hit the clinic at 8am….hit the X-ray facility at 9:am and were back at home at 10:30am waiting to either hear or not to hear…in this case, no news was good news.

As soon as I got home, Siah met me in the garage complaining about a sick tummy. This was weird because he was fine when I left. Over the next hour, he got progressively worse to the point where he was sitting on the floor crying in pain. When asked where it hurt, he kept pointing at the lower right side of his abdomen…..heck, between cancer, ADHD, ODD, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Soy and now possibly a Magnetic Gut…..heck, lets just throw some appendicitis in there as well.

Jon took him up to the clinic and fortunately the wait time was only about half an hour. After about 15 minutes, Siah burped about 4 times, and then “miraculously” his tummy ache went away.

And just to be safe, Jon did stay to see the Dr. The appointment went a little something like this…

Dr: Nice to see you guys again. This little guy didn’t swallow any magnets, did he?

Jon: No, and he burped about 15 minutes ago and then everything stopped hurting… sorry for wasting your time. My son has gas.

Dr: Well, it’s always good to get it checked out anyway.

but you all know he was thinking…..”stupid parents, bringing their kids in because of a little gas.

And then basically, my week just kind of blew up after that.

In all seriousness, I feel a bit traumatized about the whole hospital thing. When we found the magnet in Judah’s diaper, all I could think of was which hospital should we go to? And what about Jon’s new job and how would I handle caring for the kids by myself and would it be better to go to Children’s or to be closer to home….and what might they have to do to Judah if there were magnets stuck inside of him…..and how would we deal with the whole Gluten Free thing and well, it was not fun….

The whole hospital thing with Geli has not played nice with my emotions and I hate being confronted with how “unstable” I feel over the possibility of a hospital visit. Not Cool, cancer. NOT COOL!

The rest of the week didn’t have any medical craziness in it, but we did pull apart Jeremy’s room, the girls closet, the garage, the boys room, the TV room, ALL (as in every single toy that we own) the toys, and our storage closet. It was quite the undertaking and yet…..we did it!

This is the boy’s room that is right beside ours, down stairs in the basement. We currently have all three of the boys sleeping in this room. Fun times, there! (oh, the wall border and color….original to the house. not my choice, just haven’t changed it yet, but I did want to mention that I do NOT like the decor…carry on, please)

We made two dump runs and put away 15 separate bins of toys. No, they are not all HUGE boxes of toys, but all the toys we own are separated out into their own groupings…..Hot Wheels, Mr Potato Head, Playmobile, Little People, Infant Toys, Wooden Blocks, Tinker Toys….you get my drift.

We’ve put the majority of them away and I think that will cut down on the mess in the rooms. That’s the idea any way. We’ll see how well it plays out over the next couple of months.

Here is Jeremy’s upstairs room…

(I have NO Idea why it’s so stinking small. I thought I used the same camera on my phone, but obviously not…sorry about the mini view…just squint and then it should be all good! and again with the house’s previous occupants decor….lovely, ain’t it?)

The carpet is a bit thrashed but it’s the original carpeting from 15+ years ago and it just needs to get replaced, so other than a quick vacuum….I’m not even trying to clean that sucker.

Probably an even bigger miracle than just cleaning things out…was that we also managed to finish off each day of cleaning with a totally clean house.

Do you ever start to clean something and then find that the job is too big and you end up with a mess at the end of things that you pulled out, but have no current home and so you end up with a big a mess just in a different location in your house. Yah, it was my goal to not have that happen. YAY US!

Part of my push to get this done was because Jon starts his new job tomorrow morning and it was my hope that if we cleared things out and got rid of a bunch of junk that it would make it easier to keep things clean. Again, I’m really hoping that’s the case. Only time will tell, right?!?

What are your tricks for keeping a clean house? Do you have any tips to share?

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

2 thoughts on “Magnets And Gas”

  1. Hi Patti,
    So glad to hear he only swallowed one magnet. Did you find the remaining 4? Have you checked in any couches? We have some of those tiny magnets and the rule now is, the kids have to play with them at the table because it’s just better that way. One time, they were played with in our old lazy boy and fell down below. It’s tricky because there are magnetic parts on the chair, but we found them when turning it upside down. I know the feeling…we’ve had some missing before too and ya just can’t stop thinking about it until they are found! Especially with babes!

    Hang in there! I’ll be thinking of you as Jon starts his new job. I am a temporary single mom while my hubby is off at Train School in Calgary! It’s a 3 month course and he is about 2/3rds done! Yipee!

  2. My well established tips for keeping a neat and tidy house:

    #1) Do no – I repeat DO NOT – have children

    #2) If you have failed to follow rule #1 – keep already procured children locked up in small spaces πŸ™‚

    #3) Have the type of mother in law that drops over unexpectedly and a husband rich enough to hire you a cleaning lady in order to avoid an unexpected divorce πŸ™‚

    If you can’t follow rules #1-3, the only thing that REALLY works for me is to keep reminding myself that THIS is a phase of life. I used to have a clean house, with shiny windows and all the laundry put away and you could ALWAYS ALWAYS walk across my living room without being worried about having your foot impaled by a piece of lego. Now, I have kids. A LOT of kids. And that means grungy floors and toothpaste speckled sinks, and a living room with less exposed carpet than my welcome mat. I really used to stress – REALLY stress – about my dirty house. Yelling at my kids, blood pressure through the roof and the odd tear over muddy foot prints across my just washed floor and I “heard” the voice of God reminding me how much, one day, I would miss the noise, the clutter, the filthy windows smudged with tiny hand prints. I would. One day our homes will be clean, quiet, neat and put away and we will miss the mess.

    Of course that was the mindset I had before I realized I would be parenting 32 straight years before my youngest reached the glorious age of 18 πŸ™‚ So maybe I have just given up? Forgotten? Will never see a clean house again?

    Good luck …

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