Day 2 – Key West

After a good sleep, we woke up on Sunday morning ready for the day.

We headed down to the restaurant for Breakfast.

Breakfast Boys

We found that to get through breakfast took just over an hour which was longer than we’d like, but it was mostly because we had to special order the food for Josiah, Judah and myself….but, the food really was delicious.

Morning Girls

After Breakfast, we had some time to explore the boat because we weren’t docking into Key West until just after noon.

We decided to head on up to the pools to see what fun we could have up there for a few hours.


There are three pools on the boat. The adult only pool (that we never even got a chance to check out), the Goofy Pool (that’s the one that Jeremy is in, in the photo above) and a Mickey Pool (that is more suitable for littler kids).

Here I am

Attached to the Mickey Pool is a Water Slide and Josiah must have gone down the slide over 30 times…


Over and Over and Over….

Mid Stride

He had SO MUCH FUN! And we were loving watching him have so much fun! The girls were a bit bummed that they were too tall for the water slide, though! Because Judah is still in diapers, he wasn’t allowed in the pools, but they had this cool little water play area over to the side of the Mickey pool and we let Judah play a little in there.

Having so much fun

He had a BLAST playing with the water fountains, but he kept trying to sit on them….it was so funny!


We were really enjoying the hot weather and the sun.


It was so nice to just be able to sit and relax….although I was worried about us burning in the freaking amazing sun. Thank God for Sunscreen!


The ship was getting close to Key West and so we decided to go and get ready to go ashore.

Key West

We hadn’t chosen to go on a “Port Adventure” at Key West, but we did decide to just go ashore and see what we could see and find. We couldn’t go very far because Angelica couldn’t walk very well and definitely not very far; and the HEAT…..well, it was a whole lot hotter and more humid than anything we were used to.

Chillin' with some Gelato

The kids found Key West to be a bit difficult because of the heat and humidity but we did still manage to find some fun things to do and see.


We got some gelato…and sat on the steps of this old museum (I think it was a museum!) to eat it.

The baby slept!


Found a tiny baby coconut that had fallen to the ground…Jeremy was pretty excited about it.

Baby CoconutClinton Square Market

It appeared quite busy and so we carried on down the road until we found this alley…

Mallory Square

There was a whole bunch of things to see and shops to look through and the best part…according to the kids….there was shade and even a place to sit.

Diver Jeremy

We managed to pick up a few souvenir’s at the little shops. I LOVED the old cobblestone roads…cruel as this might sound, I’d LOVE to go back there WITHOUT the kids. There was so much to see and some really cool pictures to take (if we had the time and just a few less things to juggle).

Cobblestone Road

We got back to the ship and had just a little time to relax before we needed to head on down for dinner. I pulled out my camera and snapped a few pictures. I couldn’t understand why the pictures looked so fuzzy! My camera was all fogged up because it had been so warm outside and we were now in the cold air conditioned room.

So Sweet

Regardless of the fog, I still liked these pictures of Judah….

Foggy Lens

Here is one shot of Jeremy…

My Beautiful Boy

We managed to get all dressed up and down to dinner on time.

Genesis Our Host

I really, REALLY liked getting dressed up for dinner. In fact, I’m thinking about having a dress up dinner at our house once a week.

All Dressed Up

After dinner, we went back to our rooms to change and when we got there we found this….


While we were at dinner, each evening, the Room Hosts would turn down the beds for the night and leave some amazing folded towel animals. It was a lot of fun to come back to the room after dinner and find out what animal they had created each day. There was even a class at the end of the week that Jeremy went to, because he was so excited about the “Towelgami”.

Jeremy and Josiah went to the Kids Club, and Xandra went to the Pre-Teen Group (and stayed until midnight, the crazy girl). Angelica and Jon and Judah and I relaxed a bit and attempted to get the room a bit more organized.

Angelica was still feeling pretty weak and tired; and she stuck pretty close to Jon and I for most of the trip.

It was a pretty good day and as we headed to bed for the night, we were looking forward to the next day which was a whole day at sea while we traveled to The Cayman Islands.

If you’re interested in seeing the whole set of pictures from this day, then click here.

The set of pictures is a bit out of order because there are downloads from 3 cameras.

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