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Hi there from BC Children’s Hospital

Geli Lunch
Geli with one of her favorite hospital lunches

Yesterday, Angelica tested positive for the virus that is responsible for shingles, present in a rash on her side. In other words, she is going through an episode of shingles. The same virus is also responsible for chicken pox, so there is a chance that the two younger boys that we have at home may have been exposed to chicken pox. This presents a problem because we are supposed to be going on a trip, leaving on September 30th, and the incubation period for chicken pox is 10-21 days which means that there is an outside chance that the boys could get the chicken pox right before we leave or even on the boat.

As far as Angelica is doing, she is confined to strict isolation until the shingles rash ‘crusts over’. This can take anywhere from 3-5 days. If Angelica were feeling sick, then she would just want to sit and rest, but she is physically feeling fine. The rash doesn’t even really feel like anything for the most part, except if you poke it… Add to that, that she wants to get back into shape and participate in team sports in school and have strength for the trip and she doesn’t want to sit still. I am spending the day today trying to find things to do that will not make the room feel like a prison. Angelica asked the doc today for a stationary bike. I have also asked for physiotherapy to come to the room and asses her phyisical condition and give her some strengthening and stretching exercises that she can do. Hopefully between all of this, the week will go by quickly and she will even be stronger when she leaves.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, and please pray that the boys do not have chicken pox at all.


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  1. hi Jon i had no idea that children can get shingles so too young to have to go through that. Will keep all of you in prayers. Geli looks good in blond. Thanks for keeping all of us updated on what is happening. love Debra

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