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Well, today was the first full day of school for our older 3. Angelica and Alexandra are in High School and Jeremy is in Elementary School in Grade 6. Siah and Judah are at home with me.

It seems odd to me that I’ve got such a HUGE spread from my 1 year old to my oldest in Grade 9; but that is what happens when you’ve got a 7 year spread in between the 3rd and 4th child.

I am SO looking forward to getting back into a routine of some sort. There is something just so comforting about knowing what to expect and when to expect it. The past 14 months have been anything but routine. While I normally look forward to September and the newness and routine that it brings, I find that this year, more than ever before, I am craving the comfort that routine brings.

When the older kids headed off the school this morning, the two littles and I headed out to the grocery store. It’s never “fun” taking the kids shopping, and this morning was no better; but it was different. Different because this is a NEW SEASON…..and I have a NEW PERSPECTIVE. It’s amazing how a life threatening disease will impact you both negatively and positively.

I’m looking forward to doing things with the boys. I’m looking forward to establishing new routines and to the give and take of learning. Them learning how to behave in different situations and places; and me learning to read them and to know when and where to take them and at which times…’s a whole season of learning for everyone.

The shopping trip today would have been infinitely better if Judah would just stop screaming. He has this unbelievably ear piercing shriek and he kept screaming over and over and over. The people around us would put their fingers in their ears, I’m assuming to stop the ringing…’s that bad! And I’m not sure what to do? How do you tell a baby to stop screaming? My current method is to firmly tell him “no” and to gently cover his mouth to stop the screaming. I’m not interested in smacking or flicking and he doesn’t take a soother. He’s only 14 months old and……..? Yah? Anyone? Anything? He’s been doing it for a while but it has never bothered me before; but then I’ve spent the past year mostly at home and so, I didn’t really think anything of it.

I think he learned it from his older brothers. When they “disagree” on something….there tends to be a bit of shrieking; and while I can talk to Jeremy and Josiah, or put them on time out, or send them to their rooms…’s a little different for a baby, no?

So, what says you? Any advice on the shrieking? And what do you think about routines?

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5 thoughts on “Routine & Advice”

  1. My middle one used to shriek like that when we would go shopping. Actually he would of been about 14 months as well and no matter what I said to him or did, he didn’t stop. So I started packing lollipops in my purse. Now my kids hardly ever get candy so having a lollipop was a huge treat. It worked like a charm, stopped the screaming and I could actually get some shopping done.

  2. With things calming down for Angelica and then school starting up again, you’ll be able to focus more on the behavior of your younger two, which you haven’t been able to do lately. I absolutely loved routines, especially with four kids close in age. They knew what to expect and I knew what to expect, too. I think you’ve got the right idea about teaching the boys to behave in situations and also learning about them. Both are so important! For example, Judah’s screaming. We all know screaming is a form of communication that we would rather our kids not use but usually they are trying to communicate something and screaming “seems” so effective since we focus on them right away (to stop the screaming!). If candy isn’t your thing (it wasn’t for me) then bring crackers, small toys or something to occupy them while you shop. I think as you get to focus on him more you’ll know what he’s trying to tell you and you’ll be able to help him communicate that better.

    I’m so excited for this next season for you. I hope you get to take some time for yourself, too!

  3. Hi Patti,

    We went through the same thing when our kids were little. It wasn’t so bad when we had just our boy, we’d set him in his crib for a time out. I don’t really remember him squealing in the car or in public so much. Then when our daughter came along, I thought she’d be quiet, but she wasn’t. When she was about Judah’s age or younger, her and our son would set each other off and I just remember loudness at the dinner table. My husband and I felt like patrol men trying to control it, just with our voice, but unfortunately there was yelling too.,

    Our friend suggested squirting our children in the face with a spray bottle with water in it. I think she read it on the internet or something. It may sound cruel, but it worked! We’d take it in the car and use it, especially for long trips, but I don’t recall ever using it in the grocery store. It was mostly at home and in the car that they’d squeel. Maybe if you try it at home, he’ll stop in public too?

    Anyhoo, that’s my advice. Just one or two squirts and it kind of surprises them. As long as your other children don’t make it a game and respect it, maybe it’ll work for Judah.


  4. Oh Patti. We are in the same shrieking boat as you guys. It’s awful. Nothing seems to be working. Noah seems to have quite the temper now and the screaming is part of it. It’s not fun. Like you, I mostly ignored it at home and now I guess I’m paying for it. Henri can’t handle it and it’s driving Ann nuts too. We’ve been doing the same thing as you (telling him no and putting our fingers on his mouth) but it’s just not phasing him. Let me know if you come up with something that works!

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