On Vacation…

Up at Ross Lake

We’ve been going to Ross Lake since the year we got married (that makes it 16 years) and we’ve only missed a few years. Last year we did not go, cause we were in the hospital all summer. What a blessing it is to be able to take Angelica (and the rest of our healthy children) up to the lake this year and have her health good enough that we can be out of cell phone range, because we don’t need direct access to the hospital right now.

It seems like we haven’t been very plugged in to work or school or other things and taking a vacation from all that right now is somehow wrong, but we have been living in a pressure cooker for the last year and a de-stress is very much in order… so look for us again (with fresh pictures from our wonderful Ross Lake) after August 29th.

Please Tell: What does your family do for vacations? What do you do to de-stress? Please share a vacation or camping story here for us to read when we get back…

We Love You All.


Author: Patricia Culley

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2 thoughts on “On Vacation…”

  1. Hi Jon and Patti
    Glad to hear that you also are having a holiday from doing blog. It sure is nice to have a break from everything. Away from the public as well protects Angelica from picking up germs. I find walking by the ocean 10 minutes walk from home is de stressing. It is a one hour walk on the beach each way. I can see United States Mountains. It is my space and no one finds me there and that helps to make it de stress. There is something about the ocean and the sound of the waves very soothing and relaxing. I like this local beach it is not man made and it does not have snack shop or anything just plain wild and natural. AND i can go bike riding on galloping goose trail made for walking or biking only (the trail is from Sooke to Sidney) it is all day bike ride. Walking on the beach and riding bicycle does not require any money helps make it destressing. Have a great holiday at the lake and have fun making videos and maybe when you come home it is movie (home made summer holiday) night with popcorn in the fall. love Debra

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