Ponder Park Adventure

Yesterday morning, Jon and Geli had to be at BC Children’s Hospital at 8am…..this meant they had to leave our house at 6:30am……YUCK!!

We (Myself, Xandra, Jeremy, Siah and Judah) packed up and headed out to my sister’s house. They’ve just bought an acreage and it’s an unbelievably gorgeous piece of property and when they are done remodeling…it’s going to be an even more amazing home!

We decided to walk the pipeline in the park close to their house and if all went well, we should end up at a little creek where the kids could puddle around for a little bit.

Neither Debbie nor I had ever done this exact “walk” and yet we decided to take 5 children and one double runner stroller…..I’m not exactly certain what we were thinking and yet off we went.

We reached the park and then headed down the path. There were SO MANY berries and the kids were in heaven picking and eating…the huckleberries and salmon berries were delicious. We reached a fork in the road and veered to the right and headed into the tall grass. After about 2 minutes, we reached the pipeline.

By this point we were 4×4’ing with the buggy and I was just glad that it was a jogging stroller because there was not way that a regular stroller would have handled the grass or the uneven ground. As we looked ahead, we saw a hill sloping downward….


That hill sloping away from me…..that the kids are running down…..that was just the small hill….it got worse, much worse!

There was a second much steeper hill, that I never ended up getting a picture of, because it required both Debbie and myself to hold to buggy. At one point, I looked up the hil behind us and commented on the whole “if we are going down we are gonna have to go back up and how bad that was gonna suck” business! But, we could see the creek and we were so close and so we carried on.

Of COURSE we wore appropriate foot wear……


Here we are at the bottom of the hill. The boys laughed and giggled the whole way down the hill….


Jeremy was the first one to get in the creek and everyone else followed quickly after. The water was FREEZING!!!!! Like, actual pain, hurt your feet freezing, but the little babies, didn’t seem to care…they just wanted to get into the water and to play with the mud…


This little one was more interested in balancing on the rocks and trees than actually getting into the water…..at one point he fell and scratched his leg and then showed me the scratch and told me that the fish had bitten him….it was pretty cute.


Diesel (the dog) was so funny. She kept sticking her head completely under the water and picking up rocks that were bigger than grapefruits and pulling them out of the water….at one point Jack decided to throw her a stick…


So of course he had to pick up the largest stick the he could find…..


He is just SO CUTE, isn’t he?


The littlest boys were in HEAVEN playing in the mud…..


Judah would FLIP OUT anytime I tried to remove him from the mud. This is the little boy who will settle instantly if you take him outside or put him in a bath….this combines the best of both….outside and in the water….


The creek is in the bottom of a…….valley? There are two steep grassy hills on either side of the creek. This is the hill of the other side of the creek – the side we did not walk up or down…purdy, ain’t it?


Here is shot of the creek……this is such a pretty, pretty area.


We stopped playing long enough to have quick snack break….those dairy-free, gluten-free oreo type cookies are sure delicious and the extra sand and mud makes them even more delicious….


Then we packed everything up and took a look up the hill….here is a god shot of it….can you see Josiah in the bottom left corner….yah, it was pretty huge. And after this hill……there is a second one to climb…


We started out with both Debbie and I pushing the buggy together and that worked for a bit, but then it got difficult and Judah started screaming and the wheels kept turning around and wouldn’t lock still and I got tired and Debbie ended up wrapping the dog leash around the front bar on the buggy and pulling while I pushed….We had many rest breaks and at the top of that hill that I showed you….Josiah sat down and refused to go any further.


On the trip up the first hill, he had been hanging off my back pockets and the buggy and whatever else he could find to get some help to get up the big hill and he was officially POOPED! I didn’t blame him and yet we were already pushing 50 pounds of baby up the hill added on top of the buggy and I didn’t need to carry another 40 pounds of Siah on top of that.

Aunty Debbie lured him up the second hill with promises of a piggy back ride once we reached the top….and HE MADE IT.

We finally made it back to Debbie’s house and had some lunch and then packed everyone up to head home.

On the way home, my little man fell asleep. He climbed the hill, but the hill won!


I tried for about 5 minutes to get him to wake up and that was not happening. He was SO tired! And so I let him sleep.

It was a great adventure but I don’t think we’ll be taking the buggy back down to the creek any time soon…or ya know…like EVER!

You can see more pictures from our great adventure here!

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2 thoughts on “Ponder Park Adventure”

  1. What an adventure….. I love all the pictures…. Definitely a day to remember. It reminded me of the may times we went on adventures. At least you had the proper hiking foot gear 🙂

  2. Hey, I stumbled across this searching for Ponder Park pictures as I grew up there but didn’t have many to show off the hills to my friends. Glad you enjoyed the little walk – my grandparents were the caretakers since I was born, and then my mother and father bought the caretakers house and we lived there through most of my highschool years so it’s a nice source of memories. Thank you for putting such lovely pictures up, it’s definitely a special little place.

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