Life Skills

It was high time that Judah learned the fine art of dipping.

Dipping cookies, that is……

On Tuesday before Jon and Geli came home, Siah and I sat down to have an extrememly healthy lunch of……..wait for it…………

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

(I was tired, lets just gimme a pass for this lunch, okay?!?)

We got a glass of milk to dip them into and sat down at the table.

Judah was crawling around on the floor and indicated that he wanted to be picked up and once he was picked up, he reached out onto the table and grabbed a cookie. He started to eat it, but after watching Siah and I dip our cookies into a glass of milk, he reached over and plunked his cookie into the glass.

He left it in a little longer than was proper, but i just figured that the softer the cookie the better it was for him…he’s only a year old anyway!

He crammed the milk soaked cookie into his mouth and stopped…..he seemed a bit surprised that there was milk in it and then he started sucking the milk out of the cookie and that was it…..he was hooked.

He went for a second dip and well….lets just say that his dipping skills need a little work, but what can you expect from a one year old….and it was only his first time ever.

I’m pretty sure that he’ll do better next time.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

One thought on “Life Skills”

  1. extremely important skill to master… but I can see it is intuitive… just a little time to get it all figured out… sooo very cute. good lunch… all your nutritional basics… đŸ™‚ (always need a few stand by meals that are winners. Just in case you run out of time or energy.)

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