Happy Birthday, Xandra!

It’s your day today, sweet girl.


You are officially 13 years old today. I find it hard to believe that the years manage to fly by so fast and yet….I remember the day your were born…..I remember being told to go to the hospital by my Dr and then being told to go home because they were crazy busy…..so I went home to sleep for a couple of hours and then……then you were here!

You were such a cute little pixie, with such white blonde hair. I had no idea who you were or what you’d grow up to be but I was so excited to get the opportunity to know you and love you.

And love you, I do!

You are so very wonderful! You are such an amazing daughter. You are a loyal friend. You love so intensely. You feel so passionately. You are such an incredible person.

This has been such a tough year for all of us and you ave not walked away from this year without having been touched by cancer and it’s side effects. There are so many listed side effects of the cancer treatment, but you don’t see a lot written about the effects experienced by the family. In your intensely passionate way, you have felt so many of those effects in such a deep way. We’ve made it through a whole entire year.

Your entire 12th year was consumed with cancer and it’s treatment…..and yet….you were such a light in a dark time. It’s not always been easy but we did it.

Grade 7 Grad

Grade 7 Grad Dress – made by Nana C.

You have been a HUGE help to me through out this last year. You have helped out with the boys and with the housework and with meals…..you have just helped out so much! I am so thankful for your loving, kind, generous, giving spirit.

I believe that you’re thirteenth year is going to be the best one yet.

You’re headed into High School and I’m so excited for you. Just keep being yourself. You are so unique and as long as you stay true to yourself, and just keep being the amazingly friendly person that you are, you’ll do okay!

I’m so proud of you, my sweet Xandra.

So Pretty

Happy Birthday, my love!

Your Momma

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Xandra!”

  1. So proud to have been a part of your grad… Happy Birthday to a wonderful grand daughter who is now a teen. Blessings Xan.

  2. Oh Dear Xani, You are all your momma wrote and more. It is wonderful to watch you become all you were created to be. You are delightful… and so very beautiful…. and my the dress your Nana Culley made was so perfect for you. I love you so very much. Happy Birthday, Sweet Teenager!

  3. Xani, Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a special day. Can hardly believe you’ll be in high school next year! This summer, our Anne of Green Gables date is on! XOXO

  4. Beautiful Girl!!! Look at those gorgeous eyes in the first shot! Oh my, hunny bunny, you are stunning. I love you. I love your sweet spirit and your passionate nature. You are so lovely, my dear. We love you always. Love Uncle Denver, Aunty Bubbie and Gio too

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