Friday Night Update From BCCH

Its Friday night here at BCCH and I thought I would update everyone on how things are going here.

Playing Settlers of Catan. We've each won one game.

Angelica’s cultures remained negative through the 48 hour mark. This is really good, because it means that we don’t have to stay here for another 14 days. Her temperature has remained normal for almost 48 hours, and so by tomorrow morning, that hurdle to leaving here will have passed.

On the negative side, Gelica’s WBC (white blood count) remains extremely low, and that needs to come way up before we can go home. Finally here CRP (C Reactive Protein), which indicates inflammation in the body is slightly elevated from yesterday, and that needs to trend down (This is an odd indicator, because any inflammation in the body will raise the CRP including bacterial infection, viral infection, sore gums, zits… A really high CRP is definitely a bad infection, but slightly elevated could be anything, so they just need to see that its heading down and not up.)

Walking helps to raise the White Blood Count

At this point, we are healthy and feeling fine, but can’t go home till the WBC comes up and the portion of that that indicates the immune system fighting cells needs to be above a certain level (right now the level is “sample not enough to even bother testing”).

This is the part that really bothers me. It seems that when we come in here, it doesn’t seem to carry on business-as-usual at home. Something has gone wrong at home each time we’ve been in here it seems. Now Patti is dealing with illness and kids that can’t come in and visit and everything while we are here, and I’m not able to help her, because if I find someone to come in here and be with Angelica, I can’t go home and pick up whatever Judah has and bring it back here and risk a setback with Angelica. (well I haven’t been able to… we have a plan for tomorrow that includes me decontaminating in a hospital shower before I come back to Gelica’s room)

We are tired. We function better when we are together. Please pray for a really good WBC and a lower CRP.

Thanks, Jon

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  1. So what did you think of the play? missed spending the day with you… but so glad you got to go to see it with the group. You do this whole getting better thing so amazingly well. Love you!

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