Not So Happy Birthday

It’s Judah’s First Birthday today.

Happy Birthday, My Little Man! It’s hard to believe that you’re one year old already.

Sick Birthday

…..this morning

It sucks being sick on your birthday. We have a Doctor’s Appointment at 11:45am just to check things out before the weekend. It sucks to take a turn for the worse over the weekend and to have to go to a walk-in clinic or the ER. I’d rather just take him in to be safe now.

Talk about fever central over here…..Judah managed to get up over 40F last night in the middle of the night and I actually had my mom pick up some tylenol at midnight because the advil was not doing what it was supposed to.

There was a lot of late night/early morning rocking and walking and cool cloths…..many prayers and very little sleep.

Geli is doing well and we are still just waiting on the 48 hour cultures to see if anything grows.

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3 thoughts on “Not So Happy Birthday”

  1. it sure sucks when the whole family cannot be together on Judah’s first birthday. praying for the family. good thing they have skype i dont know how that works. prayers and love Debra

  2. Happy Birthday Baby boy! Judah You are so wonderful and your giggles and smiles are the best. We love you. xoxo Aunty Chelle, Uncle Kenny, Bean, Becca and Zac 🙂

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