She Needs…..

I know that a fever is not that big of a deal….well, most of the time a fever is not that big of a deal. And really, it’s not the fever that’s got me so upset….it’s the timing of it all.

It seems like every time something goes wrong….a few more things all jump on top of us, and we are left under the mountain of crap trying to not be squished. Frankly, I’m tired of it all. I just want to have things go really, REALLY good for a long time. Is that seriously too much to ask?

The fever is not that big of a deal, but it means that I cannot go in to see Jon or Angelica and because I cannot go in to see them, the other kids cannot get in to see them. It’s possible that I could drive us all in and I could hang out in the car for a couple of hours with Judah while they visit, but that really doesn’t sound all that fun, does it? So not looking like it’s going to happen like that.

Jon and Geli are doing well, but they are BORED. She feels fine and yet…they must just hang around.

She seems to be doing amazing. There are a few things that need to happen in order for her to be discharged.

– She needs to have negative blood cultures over 48 hours (that’s up tomorrow at 1pm)
– She needs to be fever free for 48 hours (that’s up in the wee hours of Saturday morning)
– She needs to actually have a neutrophil count (that won’t happen until her WBC is over .5 and today she was at a .3)
– She needs to have one blood test trending downward instead of upward….it was at a 25 today and needs to hit lower numbers.

Basically we are looking at the earliest of Saturday morning before she would be discharged. I’m hoping and praying with everything in me that they do get to come home then.

It was a tough day today and yet I supposed it was a good one, in spite of it all. I have really low expectations on what constitutes a good day, ya’ll! Ummmm there was no puking. Very little fighting. Everyone was sleeping by 8pm….and um…ya….everyone got fed. So ya… went okay, I guess!

Well, I’m headed off to bed myself….two night with very little sleep are….well….ya….that…..


ps. Could ya pray for Judah? He’s still feverish and I’m not sure how the night is going to go and I could really use the sleep and he could really use the health……m’kay??? Thanks so much!

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  1. Aww, Patti. This sucks. And I miss you. Just think, soon we are going to be relaxing, hanging out in my backyard or lounging at Uncle Rick and Aunty Linda’s while the kids play in the pool! (Right, Uncle Rick? Aunty Linda?) No school. no chemo. no hospital. no moving. Just summer fun. Praying for you tonight. Love you.

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