Little but of this, and a little bit of that…….and way too many pictures

So, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and you should all be so lucky as me!

No, I didn’t get any jewelery or trips to fabulous warm tropical places (I could only wish), but I did get served breakfast in the dining room.  We have “fancy” oatmeal and tea.  Basically we had porridge in fancy dishes, and used my fancy teas cups.  It was really fancy. *snort*

I opened all the kids crap lovingly made treasures and oohd and aaahhhd appropriately, then we went to church, where I’ve discovered that I’m getting a little too round for my guitar to be hanging off the front end of my belly.  I have to play once more in 2 weeks, and then I think that might be it.

After church, we came home and Jon had made a pork roast, with potatoes and veggies and gravy.  It was delicious!  Apparently, Jeremy likes potatoes – Can you tell?

Poatoe Man
No, we didn’t let him eat that many, but he was more than a little put out that we’d dare to take some of them away.  Silly boy!

It was a nice day, and probably the nicest part of it didn’t even happen to me.  We told Chris that it was Mother’s Day today, and just left it at that.  We didn’t tell him that he should do or say anything to Momma, but the next time that she came into his room, he motioned her over and gave her a kiss, and told her that he liked the shirt she was wearing.  See, like I said, it didn’t even happen to me, but it was pretty special to be there to see it happen.

This morning we had another wonderful, amazing, mind blowing thing happen.  We’ve been rotating through 3 breakfasts at our house – Oatmeal, Eggs & Hashbrowns, and Pancakes.  We have had milk alternatives available, and even had a bag of Kamut puffs in the cupboard, but the kids weren’t far enough removed from regular milk and regular cereal to really “buy into” eating this new crap (as they thought of it).

Well, apparently, two months of the same 3 things for breakfast and no cow’s milk or cereal has broken them down.  We got up a bit late this morning, and I suggested that Jon offer them cereal with Rice milk, Kamut puffs and Maple syrup drizzled on top.

Rice Milk, Cereal and Maple Syrup
Under the guise of making himself a bowl of cereal, he offered them each a bite, and you’d have thought that we were offering them the nectar of the gods.  Their eyes rolled back up in their heads, and we had to shake them to come out of their self induced hypnotic state.

They scarfed down a bowl each, and them came back asking for a second.  It was the easiest breakfast that we’ve made in 2 months, and while the cereal is a bit more expensive, we will add it into our rotation maybe once or twice a week.

Kids eating HEALTY cereal and LOVIN’ IT!
It is getting easier to convince them to try new stuff.  I guess it just sometimes takes a bit to get the old taste out of your memory, to allow the space to be able to try new stuff.  That’s just me waxing all philosophical… does it sound……personally, I think it just sounds like crap, but almost like intelligent crap, eh?

Jon took me to Starbucks this morning, because we were having an Administrative meeting.  He brought his Administrative stuff, and I brought my administrative stuff, and we had a coffee while working on our respective “stuffs.”  It was quite nice, and I even cheated and had a big ol’ piece of carrot cake. 

Jon’s coffee and my Carrot Cake….MMMmmmm!
Don’t even start to lecture me about all the bad stuff in it that I’m not supposed to eat.  This is my last week, and then I HAVE to be freaky careful about eating any wheat and dairy.  From 28 weeks on, I’m supposed to stick to the diet without wavering.  The hopes are that if I do have any actual “allergies” to either wheat or dairy that if I stay away from them from 28 weeks on, then I shouldn’t pass the allergy onto our little boy!  That would be nice.  So, I’m not trying to go overboard this week, but don’t shoot me if I cheat a little.

Well, I’ve got to go and do some work for Jon, and then get busy cleaning the house!  Hate Housecleaning!  It never ends!

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  1. Hi Patti!!

    I have a baby swing, baby bassinet, and one of those portable playpens (I think it might be one of the ones that has the change table that goes on it) that a friend gave to me. I was wondering if you could use them?? (seeing as how I am not using them!!) They are in awesome condition. 🙂 Let me know!!


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