We had a Family Breakfast on Saturday.

I love it when we get together as a family. And when there’s food involved….it’s even better. Seeing as Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, it only makes sense to have everyone over for breakfast….eggs, hashbrowns, bacon! MMMmmm, BACON!

After breakfast was over, I pulled my camera out because I wanted to get some pictures of Max -Tim and Daisy’s little guy and the newest member of our family. He is absolutely just the cutest little guy ever!


He is so relaxed and content. He has these HUGE eyes and he just takes everything in.


It’s hard to believe that Judah was that small once. I LOVE this tiny, newborn stage when they eat and sleep and poop and eat and sleep and poop; and you can just cuddle and snuggle and hold them all the time.


And he’s just starting to smile……look at that little grin.


Congrats, Tim and Daisy! He’s beautiful and we love him and you both, so much!

You can see more super cute adorable pics here.

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