Verbal Diarrhea

I’m not sure what the deal is, but today…….I’M TIRED!

I would give just about anything to be able to crawl back in bed right now, but that’s not an option and so instead of feeling sorry for myself – I’ve got to somehow give myself a shake and carry on with my day.

There is so much that I really should be doing and none of it that I really want to do….how’s that for incentive for ya?


Jon and Judah up at Harrison Hot Springs! Love his hair!

Geli had her second dose of Chemo for this round this past Friday and she seemed to handle it a bit better than the week before. It could have something to do with how we’ve managed the meds/nausea, but she felt less sick that the previous week. This is the first “off of the steroid” week and while she didn’t feel as nauseated, she was in quite a bit of pain.

I mentioned before that when she is coming off of the steroid, that her joints can end up hurting quite badly. She didn’t feel bad enough to want to take the codeine or morphine but the constant pain is wearing…..She felt that the pain level reached a 4 out of ten, on the pain scale level. Which I think is enough to have taken something, but she didn’t want to, and so she didn’t.

Fortunately, the pain from her joints has mostly subsided and aside from the random wave of nausea and the odd headache, she is doing quite well. She was at school part of yesterday and has gone again today. Our Doctor figured that she may be able to attend quite a bit of this month, which is a nice bonus as we figured that her counts would be quite low for most of this round….but hey, we’ll take the higher counts as it means more protection from her immune system – YAH for that!

I’m extremely frustrated with Judah….he is the WORST day time napper that I’ve ever had. He might go down for al of 10 minutes and then he’ll wake up crying and screaming. I know that he’s not ready to wake up and yet…..he doesn’t want to settle again and ARGH…..A cranky, crying, overtired baby is not fun!

Neither is a cranky, crying, overtired mom…..

We have a meeting tomorrow at Jeremy’s school to talk about him, and really – there is a lot to that part of the story and I don’t have the time or the energy to get into it….and so, I’ll just say that we are still moving forward with Jeremy and that it’s a tough journey at times, but man, if he isn’t just a lovely little boy with such a gentle spirit. I sure love him!

For the most part, Xandra is doing AMAZINGLY WELL. We took her to the pediatrician about a month ago, I think? and he is treating her for ADD/ADHD and the difference in her is UNBELIEVABLE! She is looking and acting and producing work a lot more like the Xandra from years gone by…….It’s frustrating that this all came about at the same time as Geli’s diagnosis and treatment and I wish that we’d been more on top of things because I believe she went too far down a road that she never needed to go on. We could have caught things sooner. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but ADDD presents itself differently in girls than in boys. Typically, girls are diagnosed around 12 years of age when organization is a bit more complicated (as in when Grade 7 teachers start to train the kids to be able to handle the High School organization structure). For us, we were not sure if Xani was just stressed about the Cancer stuff or the family stuff or school stuff or how much of all of the different things played into her stress levels, but to give her some medicine so that at the very least, she can organize and structure her life better……it has made a HUGE difference. Xandra is a very bright little girl and has always done extremely well in school. This year, she has not shown even a part of how capable and intelligent she is and we just wrote it off to the chaos and stress (which I’m sure are contributors) but in the past couple of weeks since putting her on the meds…..her marks have come up drastically and she is better able to plan out her work load….it’s made a drastic difference in both her schoolwork AND in her stress levels. And we are SO thrilled that she is doing better.

The Teen Oncology Group is having another function tomorrow night and they are probably going to Theater Sports. So, Jon and I (and Judah) are headed into town for Wednesday evening. I’m not sure what Jon and I are going to do……any suggestions? We are looking at being there probably around 5pm and having to pick Angelica up around 8:00pm.

If you are local or know Vancouver, what is your favorite thing to do?

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One thought on “Verbal Diarrhea”

  1. I’m leaving this message because I forgot Jon’s email. But I’ve thought about this alot as to whether or not I would post this. It weighed on my mind.

    Having said that, I’m going to leave some links.

    I’m positive you guys have looked up everything you can think of for your daughter. There is a section in there about Leukemia and the effects of THC found in cannabis on all cancer cells not just specifics.

    My father is using this treatment and his cancer has stayed out of the bone and has not spread still after 7 years. I talked to a girl who I met through Email, who I helped get in contact with someone who could supply her with cannabis oil/Hemp Oil. She was giving it to her friend who had Leukemia, her friend is now cancer free.

    It has nothing to do with smoking it, infact the injestion of the oil is one of the keys, to be taken orally.

    I wrestled with my mind and asking God if this information would potentially offend or be given at the wrong time, but I feel the choice to share it was worth it.

    also this site teaches all about Hemp Oil which we use, and how to make it.

    This is Josh, I worked with you Jon a few years back and I met your energetic family hehe. I hope everything is going well, and that you take time to consider this.

    Take care.

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