Wacky Wednesday

So, it’s late(r) on Friday night and Spring Break is almost over. 

I think that I’m ready to send my little darlings back to school.  My house is a DISASTER and Josiah needs some time without the kids IN. HIS. FACE…….and I need to have an hour where the kids are not hoovering me out of $60 in fruit and veggies a week.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but close, and so while I love to have the kids around – I’ll be thrilled to have some quiet time.

So, anyway…Wednesday morning we got up and had a leisurly morning and then headed into Walnut Grove for a visit with my Chiropracter.  My hips have been out and Siah needed an adjustment because he….he….fell out of his crib.  I don’t know how it happened, and yes, we should have had the railing up, but ‘Siah’s only been army crawling for a little while and can’t sit up on his own and hasn’t shown any interest in pulling himself up on anything and so I didn’t think it was even possible for him to fall or crawl out of his crib, but last Friday morning we woke up to a rather large BANG followed by an extremely large CRY and I ran in and pick him up off the floor.  I couldn’t (until today) figure out how  he could have possibly pulled himself up and managed to heavve his rather large body over the railing.  He seemedto be okay and I squished and pulled and prodded until I was sure that there was nothing broken and he quickly stopped crying and seemed to be his happy self.  He did have one funny scratch on his head, but I wasn’t sure if he had been gouging at the exczema on his head or if he had somehow hit his head when he fell.  It did look like his head was lumpy off to one side, but maybe I was seeing things…..ya know how you’re just not sure when you’re stressed out?

So, we get to my Chiropracter…I’ve mentioned him before  Dr. Alan Irving.   He’s AMAZING!  He fixed ‘Siah right up. 

Dr. Irving's Smooshology
Later in the day I was telling my brother, Chris, about our visit and told him about how the Dr. manipulated ‘Siah skull and how you could definately see how it was out before and how now it was a nice round melon… and Chris says, “He just shoved the skull back in place?“  So I explained how the bones in the baby’s head are not set in place and again Chris says, “So,….he just smooshed it back in place?“  And I started to explain how Dr Irving went to school to learn how to “smoosh” a baby’s head back in place, and Chris (very sarcastically says) says, “Yah, he took Smooshology!”Yah, that’s right Chris….he took smooshology…for sure…

After our appt, we hit the Starbucks and then took the kids to the park.  We got some good pictures and the weather totally co-operated so that was really nice.  Click on the picture to see the pics that we took at the park.

After these pictures the camera died and we had to run home to get the charger but the battery takes a while to recharge and so we got no pictures of us wandering around Fort Langley.  We let the kids just wander in and out of all of the cute and eclectic little shops and see and exploreand it was a lot of fun. After we were done at Fort Langley we headed over to my parents house for dinner, and after dinner was done – we spent some really special quality family time……

….around the laptop, ’cause nothing says family like dorking out around the computer.It was another great Wednesday, and the kids are already asking to go back to the Fort again.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

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  1. The kids look so healthy and their skin looks awesome. Something must be working.
    And where’s all Jo jo’s bad skin? He looks amazing!

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