Birthday Weekend Continued

Saturday morning, the girls woke up (eventually) and we made a “Big Breakfast“. That’s what our family calls the weekend “eggs, bacon or sausage, homemade hash browns and toast” breakfast. It was delicious! Then the girls hung out until 3pm. It is so amazing to hear Geli giggling and having fun. The down times (and there are lots of them) really create contrast for the good times and we try to really appreciate and enjoy the good times.

The rest of Saturday involved produce shopping at the local veggie market, and then some cousin time. My cousins dropped off their 3 boys and went out for a date. It was so awesome to see the boys and we are looking forward to dumping our brood on them in the future and heading out for a dinner ourselves.

Sunday morning was spent making a turkey dinner for Geli’s Birthday meal. Technically, her birthday was on Monday, but we asked both sets of Grandparents to come over for lunch, after their churches let out, to celebrate.


We kinda forgot to take too many pictures, but Geli did remember and grabbed my camera and took a few. This one was just after lunch was finished. The guys are relaxing in the post turkey haze and checking out You Tube Videos. We worked on cleaning up the kitchen for a bit before we served dessert. Truth be told, we needed a moment to let the delicious lunch settle to make a bit of room for dessert.


We recently picked up some meat from M&M Meat Shops with a gift card that we were given and we got a free apple pie with our order. Geli really wanted to have it for her birthday and so we heated it up to serve with ice cream. It had wheat in it so there were a few of us that couldn’t eat it and so I made a dessert that was good for those of us who couldn’t eat it.


This is a raw papaya, banana pie and it was AMAZING. I made another one that was a raw blueberry, pear pie and althought I didn’t eat a piece of it – Jon said that it was delicious too.

The base is made from pecans and dates and then I placed thin slices of papaya on top of the base and purreed some banana and papaya together and poured it over the top of the slices. Then just before I served it, I cut up some banana slices and sprinkled it with some coconut. MMMMmmmmm!

We rounded out the day with a game of Settlers of Catan!

This past weekend was so nice. We weren’t running around trying to get everything done. We were mostly just at home and enjoying spending good quality family time together. There was food & games and it was just about the most perfect weekend……and we hadn’t even made it to Angelica’s actual birthday. Let the partying continue.

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