14th Birthday Party

It was Angelica’s 14th Birthday yesterday and we’ve basically celebrated non-stop since Friday.

We were woken up at 6am on Friday morning to the melodious sounds of someone barfing!

Jon ran upstairs and found Geli hunched over the toilet retching and heaving. He got her some anti-nausea meds and helped her get settled back into bed while I nursed the baby back to sleep. I was SO concerned that Geli might have picked up whatever felled 4 out of the 7 of us. It was supposed to be her birthday party on Friday evening and I was so upset.

This whole cancer/chemo thing is a massive head trip because you never really know what’s going on. She could be barfing from the chemo or it could be from a bacteria or it could be something else entirely. She could be feeling tired because she stayed up too late, because she’s getting sick, because her hemoglobin is low, because the chemo is hard on her body or any other number of things. Some of the issues are serious and some are less serious. Regardless, there is so much uncertainty and SO. MUCH. STRESS. so much of the time. It’s very wearing.

We all managed to get back to sleep and slept until just after 7am. When the whole family got up for the day, Geli joined us at the table all ready for school and she was feeling fine. So, we dropped her off at school and carried on with the day.

After school, Geil came home and started getting ready for her party. She’s been thinking about her birthday party since before Christmas and she had decided to have a fondue.

We set up a cheese fondue, an oil fondue and for dessert, a chocolate fondue.

Fondue for Dinner

Angelica has the most amazing friends.

Best Friends

These girls are so thoughtful, loving and encouraging; and I’m so thrilled that they are a part of Geli’s (and ours) life.

There was a cake pyramid and I was horrified that I couldn’t find any candles….and so we made do with one gnome!

Birthday Cake

Geli came up with the idea for the cake pyramid. We could have made an actual cake with icing, but Geli said that she just wanted to be able to dip the cake pieces into the chocolate fondue.

There were presents and lots of laughs…..

Lots of Laughs

And there was some sneaky sampling…..


But really, he was just “helping” to make sure that it tasted ok and that it wasn’t gross……ya we’ll go with that…it was the Quality Control Sample.

The girls had a great time and Geli had a wonderful birthday sleep over with her friends. It went even better than what I had hoped for.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

5 thoughts on “14th Birthday Party”

  1. NIIIIIICE!!!! That’s what I look like after I win Catan, Seafairers, Cities and Knights

  2. What fun… so happy that everything worked out for a good Birthday Party. Patti you are amazing…. and Geli … what a wonderful young lady you are growing into…. We are so proud of you!!!! Love Nana and Papa

  3. Papa,
    Do you actually win? I thought Brynn did all the winning…
    Happy birthday Geli! You are beautiful.
    Love Aunty Debbie, Uncle Denver and Jack Giovani

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