Wacky Hair Day

The kids are having wacky hair day at school and we did their hair kinda wacky….sort of.

Jeremy just looks normal, but really what can you do with a kid who has a mohawk.  I supposed I could have slicked it down and made him all “normal” looking, but that’s not very exciting and while the kids really wanted colored hair – Yah, it ain’t happening right now……so a mohawk for Jeremy it is.

No picture as I forgot, and really just go to my photos and he looks pretty much the same as any other day- just imagine him!

Xandra has short hair ad I really wasn’t sure what to do with her hair either, but she threw out the idea of a lot of little pony tails and so that is what we did.  It kinda looks like her hair is fountain-ing out of her head, but she was happy and so that’s all that matters…..right?

 Then there is Gelica.  She had no clue what she wanted, but was totally talking about Kool-aid colors and that was a mess that I just wasnt ready to handle right now.  She has long hair and so I threw out the idea of back combing it.  Obviously the kid has no clue what back combing is – she’s only 10 (almost 11) years old, but I sold her on it and so back comb it, we did.

Here we are in process………

We had talked about either making a bird’s nest or a butterfly nest because I have aton of those little butterfly clips, but as we got going, she kept saying that she looked like one of those troll dolls with the big hair….and it was actually true.  I had back combed it so big and used so much hairspray and she totally looked like one of those little troll dolls.  My only concern was that her hair would fall into her face and drive her nuts during the school day if we just left it, so once it was huge and puffy, I did end up using the little clips to kinda hold it up a it…..Here she is from the side/back-ish view…..

 And here was the final finished product from the front…..

Seriously, her hair is about a foot off her head and she looks so cute – wacky, but cute….now I only wish I had done something similar for Xani but then again she has such a sensitive scalp that she could have never taken the abuse back combing as well as Geli did.

Author: Patricia Culley

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7 thoughts on “Wacky Hair Day”

  1. it looks great!! how was the undoing process of wacky hair day? can’t imagine Xani would have been sad watching you guys comb all that out! hehe

  2. Nice i have like really short hair and im stuck on what to do im searching ther internet and i cant find anything!

  3. haha wow i love there hair, i might use that for my wacky hair day! i havve done so much for previouse years. I have done the hole poney tail thing, iput toilet paper rolls on my head and rapped my hair arround them and last year we put womens shaving crea in my hair on the inside, then made little poneys and then connected them at the top of my head! looking for something to do this year. Any ideas anyone?

  4. Gosh, that looks so cool
    Im having wacky hair day at my school and i do not know what to do :S
    This is to extreme for me though 😛

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