Prankin’ Out

My kids love the thought of pranks.

We have found so many “booby trapped” doors where the little devils darlings are hoping that we’ll walk through and end up soaked or strings tied across stairs and hallways…..basically, they are really sucky at coming up with really good pranks and then actually following through with it.

Well, they have officially entered the world of pranking and in a big way.

See, I saw in a magazine that you could keep those extra little ketchup packets and throw them into the freezer and they are the perfect size for little boo-boos for the kids.  They have worked FABULOSLY for that purpose.

Thursday night I saw the girls with a couple of ketchup packets, in the bathroom, playing with the toilet. I told them that I wasn’t entirely certain what they were up to, but in no uncertain terms were they to continue on with whatever the heck it was that they were doing because one – it looked  like it could be messy and two – they looked like they were getting along to well, and three – it looked like they were haveing entirely too much fun, and I don’t believe in having fun at this house. Misery ad suffering over here all the way, babee.

Well, last night – oh last night!  Jon and I went out and Jon’s Mum came over to watch the kids…….and they got her.

To be exact, Xani got her.

Yes, my sweet little fairy princess Alexandra morphed into a little devious prankster last night.

Truth be told, she was attempting to “get” Jeremy and it was a failed prank, but because it actually “got” Mum C.  It was, in fact, that much funnier.

We got home and Mum informed us that she was wearing the ketchup packet and that she had been well and truly “got-ten”.  I’m guessing that she sat down and the strategically placed ketchp packet’s squished out and hit her and the floor and well, it was a lovely mess.

Fortunately she was a very good sport about it, and we’re all laughing about it…. although I’m rather horrified so my laughter is more of a forced “Oh My Gosh, I can’t believe that my kids squished ketchup down the back of your legs and onto your pants and everything.  Maybe I could crawl into a hole and pretend that this dind’t actually happen” kind of uncomfortable laugh”

But it’s all good and in a secret way, I’m kind of proud that my kids actually managed to pull on off and it really actually worked – even if it “got” the wrong person….which it was probably a good thing that it didn’t “get” Jeremy as he probably woulda just hauled off and punched Xani in the head.  So, positives all around….right???

Edited to Add:  They stuck the ketchup packets under the ring that you sit on and where it touches the bowl so that when you sit down it would squish out….and then, just to make certain that it actually squished out and got you and didn’t just blow up, they tore the packet slightly open so that it would specifically squish out onto the back of your legs and pants and whatever else happened to be within firing range……..just wanted you to know exactly what they did…….lovely, eh?

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “Prankin’ Out”

  1. It was really funny… and the kids were rather proud of the fact that they got me. Even though Jeremy tried to claim ownership of the prank… he did not seem to know enough about it. Xani on the other hand was way too knowledgeable.
    I always told my kids that if you were going to play practical jokes you had to be able to take them. I have to confess that I have played way to many of them in the past. So it was reaping time. Good one Xani!

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