Finding it Difficult in so many ways and on so many levels, but not wanting to talk about it… much

edited to add…..get a coffee….it’s a long one…… 

I’ve said that I’d talk about what we found out at the Naturopath in regards to both Jeremy and Josiah, and yet I’ve still not talked about it.

I find that talking about our struggles with Jeremy is so difficult that I think that in some small or large part of my brain I figure that if I don’t talk about it then it’s not really there.  Denial is a powerful, POWERFUL weapon (of self-destruction).

Josiah is doing better, I think. 

Okay, starting all of this off….I’m seeing my sister’s naturopath because my naturopath had to take some time off for a family emergency.  The two Drs are practice partners and so it’s not a big deal to see one or the other as it’s in the same place and they have very similar and complimentary practise styles.

So, we met for a HUGE appointment because all four kids needed a follow up appt for different reasons.  The girls needed a wrap up appointment because I took them through the “process” of food intolerance testing and such just so that they would be healthy.  I do think that they have some struggles, but that they’re doing well.  I’ll talk more aout that in a moment.  They are basically healthy kids and we are just on what we’d call “maintenance” – no wheat, dairy, sugar or yeast on a regular basis, but I don’t stress if they go to a birtday party or somewhere else where they might cheat a little……if they “can” eat healthy then make good choices, but for a special occasion (as long as those “occasions” don’t happen every day or even a couple of times a week) it doesn’t matter.

Josiah is doing much better.  I’m still avoiding dairy like it’s the plague.  Soy seems to really bother him, and so do tomatoes.  I had chili the night that we went to the naturopath and he barfed ALL EVENING, and then ended up with a flare up of eczema.  So, I’m avoiding Dairy, Soy, Tomatoes, Wheat and Yeast. 

I thought the Dairy was brutal, but soy is even worse…..pretty much anything that doesn’t have dairy in it – has soy in it… I’m eating lettuce as it seems pretty safe.  Nice, eh?  It’s not that bad, but to say my diet is limiting is an understatement. 

I am willing to do anything, though, to be able to nurse.  I won’t force him to nurse when he’s ready, but I wanted to have this “time” with my baby for a long time and I’m happy to be able to do it even if it means working around things to make it work for Josiah.

I am struggling with all the food intolerances and the eczema and gastro-intestinal issues that we’ve dealt with for the past 6 months.  I basically thought that parents “made up” their kids food intolerances and thought that they were all a bunch of over exaggerators and that they were blowing things WAY OUTTA proportion.  Now, I am one of them and being on this end of it SUCKS!  I’m hoping that it’s all just intolerances and that ‘Siah will outgrow everything as he gets older and bigger and stronger.

He’s on some supplements to heal his intestinal tract and I think it’s working.  His poos are AMAZING….like liquid gold.  I almost don’t feel like I have to be inspecting EVERY. SINGLE. POOP. to be looking for blood.  It was hell to be waiting with a twisted gut for your kid to poo and hoping that this time you wouldn’t see blood, and then feeling like you’d been punched in the gut when you did see blood and hoping that this would be the last time and feeling helpless and not knowing what to do or what was causing it.

There is also some material out there that says that Dairy is a big culprit for causing eczema and other material that says that eczema is a surface level reaction to intestinal issues and tha tif you get your guts healed up then the eczema will clear up.  I’ve read about eczema coming on after you’ve had a vaccination and also about detergent allergy and how there is detergant in EVERYTHING now a days and that if you can get your home to be a detergant free zone that your kids will be able to get healthy and then when they come in contact with detergant outsome the home, they will better be able to deal with it.  Someone else told me that if you wash the eczema with saline that it will get better.  i’m willing to try just about everything, but the thing that bothered me the most was my family doctor just telling me to get some hydocortisone and use it….I’d have to use it every day and I have an issue with just treating the symptom and not the root or underlying cause.

The eczema is clearing up since we’ve been on the supplements for 2 weeks now.  I have a follow up appt and i want to know if this is something that can be healed forever or if we’re just in a preventative stage forever.

He still scratches and has little cuts and nicks in his head ALL OVER THE PLACE.  It looks awful, but it’s not rashed up.  i’m not sure if it is actually itchy or if it’s a habit.  I know that he will start scratching horribly when he is tired.  So, habit or itch – I do not know.  Bottom line is….

I think that Josish is doing WAAAAAAY better than he ever has, and this is a good thing.

I’m not going to talk aout Jeremy today.  I think that this has gone on long enough, and I think that I want a little more time to think about how I want to say what I’m feeling and thinking about the most wonderful little boy ever.

Jeremy is an amazing child and I only wish that others could see past some of the outward stuff and really grab a hold of the beauty that’s inside of this precious, gentle, creative, compassionate little man.

Author: Patricia Culley

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  1. Jeremy was SOOO well behaved when he stayed with us. Mind you, we never gave him sugar, dairy or wheat. So whether that had anything to do with it… he was awesome and we totally appreciate his creative spirit. Glad things are working better with Josiah.

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