Update for Tuesday January 25th

Today is a busy day over here.

Jon and Geli left at 7:15 to go into Vancouver for some more chemotherapy. They were hoping to get in and get started on what is supposed to be a VERY LONG DAY and the traffic has been so bad that even now at 9am…they are still not there. They are close, but not there yet.

Their day will most likely look like this.

Show up, get accessed (the IV into her VAD), get blood drawn, wait 30mins to an hour for blood test results, then most likely get a platelet transfusion, and quite possibly a red blood transfusion, then a dose of chemo via IV and then another dose of chemo shot directly into her thigh muscles, then they have to wait an additional 3 hours to make sure that she has no reaction to the intramuscular shot and then they get to head home. They should arrive home any where from 6pm-8pm tonight.

That’s a whole 12 hour day……YUCK!

Out here, we are headed into 2 appointments for Judah to see how things are going for him. He seems to be doing okay and I’m really hoping for some great and amazing news from his appointments today.

Angelica is doing pretty good. She is still having some nasty headaches, although on the pain scale they’ve gone down from a solid 8 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10 and while that seems like a fabulous drop in pain to have had constant headaches for over a week….even a mild headache is annoying. I think that the constant pain is wearing. She had a pretty down day on Sunday and that seems to be when she bottomed out and things have headed up from there. She’s pretty tired and today’s blood test will give us more answers as to why.

We’ve been giving Xani something to help her sleep and it’s amazing the difference when she gets a little bit of sleep, but we still need to deal with “WHY” she’s not sleeping and some of the emotional crap that she’s not processing very well. We have been in contact with one of the psychologists at BC Childrens and I’m going to go in and talk with her next week and then we’ll take Xani in.

Other than that things are going okay and we are just trudging along taking things day by day.

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2 thoughts on “Update for Tuesday January 25th”

  1. hi patti will be praying for xani, sometimes we dont know what is bothering us or what is it we are feeling emotions and feelings can be hard to identify. i know, i am very slow at that and then 2 weeks later i find out what that feeling is. will pray that God will reveal to Xani and insight what she is feeling and what is going on. praying for God’s revelation and wisdom and healing and peace in this situation to the whole family. I am so glad that the children’s hospital are great and very supportive. praying for endurance and patient and sustaining from God cause i know we have days where we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH after seeing doctors too many times. God will give you strength what you need for today not next week not next month He will give it to you when you get there. praying God will meet your needs of today. blessings Debra

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