I’m Ford Tough

Jeremy stayed with my sister and brother in law a few weekends ago.  This is his version of their horseback adventure .  He actually did go on a real horse and really did get thrown. 


Today, I was riding a horse. In the morning and I bonked the horse. The horse bonked me down. Before it bonked me down, we were having lots of fun. Me and Uncle Denver. The horse was light brown and maaybey 10 maybe 20 inches big. We fed the horse a carrot. The horse was on Uncle Denver’s Dad’s farm. The horse lived in the artic. Cause it’s ear got frozen then it popped right off. I helped Uncle Denver put a saddle on the horse. We rode in the field. I was behind Uncle Denver on the horse. just behind the saddle. I was holding Uncle Denver. I was a real cowboy, because I was riding a horse. and I got bucked off, just like Uncle Denver and Uncle Tim. When I got bucked off I landed in the mud. I was crying. Uncle Denver said get on to the horse and we’ll bring you back. I wanted to get back on because it was fun, not the falling, the riding. We did one trick. The trick we did. WE did, we ran around really fast, uncle Denver tied it really fast we ran around in circles and then it jumped thhe pole and then we got bucked off. Then that was it. We got in the truck. And I still have my muscles, cause I’m tough. I’m Ford tough.

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

3 thoughts on “I’m Ford Tough”

  1. I don’t think that horse ever got frozen out in the Arctic, but it definitely had one chewed ear. J is THE BEST story teller, ever. We loved having you over, J.

  2. Hi J.J Are you ever a good story writer!!! I had a horse my Grand father gave me. Her name was Hazel She had a white mark on her face and was blackish in color. I would go and get the cows for my Mom or Grandpa to milk . Sometimes I would just like to go for rides on her in the evening in the summer time We lived on quite a large acreage with hills and deep ravines. I just saw a picture of her the other day with my little brother Verne going for a ride on her.I will have to remember where I put it so I can show it to you sometime. Love Grandma.

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