Cousins (picture heavy)

My sister dropped Jack off a our house the other day. He’s such a sweet little boy with such a cute little disposition. He’s so darling.


Of course I got out my camera, because he just “needed” to have some pictures taken. Look at this cute little face…..


Then I sat the two cousins together to try and get a picture of them…but Jack wasn’t having any of it. He super quickly crawled away. He’s pretty quick and we’re hoping that he’ll give Judah a few tips or pointers on crawling – the proper way! But If you look at Judah’s face, he doesn’t really look that impressed, does he? He looks like he’s saying, “Show off!


I figured that I’d take the opportunity to take a picture of Judah sitting, cause I had mentioned that I wanted to get a picture of him sitting to show you all. He’s sitting…..I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. Next thing I know, he’ll be in Kindergarten and then off to college. OH MAN!


Well, not to be outdone….Jack had to show us all that he was almost ready to stand. “See me balancing! All I have to do is push up, and VOILA! I’m standing!


Not only that…..Here’s my Blue Steel! You can’t do that one, Judah, can you? Just try to top that!!!


The boys were headed right into a smackdown and so I distracted them with some food….


Hey Jack, man! You dropped some of those potato puffs on your shirt! It’s a bit embarrassing looking, but mostly I just wanna know if you’re gonna eat that. I’ll help ya out, if you’re not???


Hey! Lady, where did those treats go? We’re still hungry, eh?


Hey Judah! Slow down, don’t cram those in so fast! I wanted some!


Hey Lady! Are you still taking pictures of us? Haven’t you got enough already? Geesh!


Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

5 thoughts on “Cousins (picture heavy)”

  1. Hi Patti I have not seen at least the last five blogs due to my hospital time and not using the computer down stairs. Such a cute bunch of pictures of all the kids . Grandpa has just gone to the Evening service at A.P.A. and I took the opportunity to slip down and check out my e-mails etc. The one upstairs isn’t all that easy at times. I could comment on each one and would like to,but maybe I will do that later. Would love to chat with you some time about the one on your fears. You did very well to cover that part of your feelings . I always saw you as a very confident ,capable person,who I loved and enjoyed spending time with. Trust Geli is holding up well in the strength of the Lord,our prayers are with her daily,and (often nightly ) Much love, Grandma

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