Celebrating Late

It was my Momma’s Birthday on January 14th, and I missed it.


My Mom and Dad

I didn’t completely forget about it, but I never got a hold of her to wish her a happy day and to let her know how much I love her. I thought of her a few times, and each time, i told myself that I’d call her as soon as i finished whatever it was that I was working on at that exact moment.

Then I woke up the next morning and MAN….I felt bad. But, she’s my momma and she loves me and she loves to celebrate life – any day, any time for any reason……and so it was all good!


We asked my parents to come and have dinner with us this past Monday night.

I knew that we were going to have them over and yet for whatever reason (I’m going with lack of sleep) I totally zoned on the fact that we were having them over “for her birthday”. I can’t even believe this myself. I’ve dropped the ball on a lot of things lately. My brain just doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders these days, and that’s not so cool!

And that’s how I found myself at 3:30pm in the afternoon getting ready to think about make dinner (we were gonna eat at 5pm) and realizing that I had done NOTHING about a birthday cake. I didn’t even have a pie or muffin or anything made up that we could even just “pretend” was something “birthday” related.


I quickly tried to think of a quick alternative. Normally, it might just be easy to pop to the store and pick up a cake or some other dessert, but with the different food issues, that’s not really an option for us.

And then I remembered, Udi’s Double Chocolate Muffins. These little beauties are Dairy, Egg, Soy and Gluten Free and…they are actually delicious. Most importantly, I could pick some up at both of my local grocery stores, IGA and Save On.

I figured that I could make some powdered sugar icing with my soy-free Earth Balance and some almond milk and at the very least, we’d have something to stick a candle in.


It’s not the most beautiful birthday dessert that I’ve ever thrown together, but I was able to throw it together in less than 10 minutes and for a last minute rush job that takes a dairy, soy, egg and gluten free food issues into consideration, I think it’s pretty good.

We had some great family time and enjoyed celebrating life, and got to eat some yummy chocolate cake as a bonus.


I sure love you, Momma! You are worth celebrating, EVERYDAY!

Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Late”

  1. hey patti it is a HUGE honor for me to call you mom my friend. she is one friend who i really cherish and treasure. Last night i ask your mom to give you a hug for me. praying for you faithfully. you are an awesome lady cause you are honest and real and open. miss you.

  2. I am at Day 9 of the celebration and planning to play a game of Catan with Geli and Mark today …. and have some party snacks… Do you think I am pushing it? Someone asked me how old I was… I forgot that this birthday thing had an age thing that goes with it. Hee hee….Years ago my grandmother, told me to come and sit with her…she said,” Karen, Us old ladies will sit over here.” Grandma,” I said,” I am not OLD” “You”ll get used to it, dear” she said, “you will get used to it” I have, she was right. The dinner was marvelous and the company was so much fun. And I didn’t have to do the cooking. What a treat. The cupcakes were delicious. My favorite colors! I got doubles on the Icing….and ate my gum ball before Jer asked for it… whew!… pretty hard to say no to that precious little face. Thanks Patti and Family for a wonderful birthday time with you. xoxoxo

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