an Update

So His temp yesterday without Tylenol was around 39 degrees C or 102 degrees F…..not nice as far as I’m concerned.

It did  go down when I gave him the Tylenol, and so I gave him a dose at 8:30am, one at 12:30pm and then one last dose at 5pm.  After that last 5 o’clock dose, he didn’t seem to be getting terriblymuch hotter.  I checked his temp at 8:30 when I put him down for the night, and I was pretty conflicted about what to do.

Do I give him Tylenol to ensure that he doesn’t spike a super high fever during the night, or do I leave him and hope that it stays low grade or goes away?  What to do, what to do… was all vry distressing.  And then….I’m not nursing him in the night anymore, and he’s not needing it.  He goes from 8:00 – 8:30pm until 6:30am, and if he wakes up, Jon goes in and helps him back to sleep….BUT, now that he’s not feeling well…..Does he need the extra liquid or should we stick to our routine or what?

SO…I did nothing.  No Tylenol, and then I checked his temp at 10:30, ’cause I figured that it had been 5.5 hours since his last dose of medicine, and his temp was still at 37.7 – that what it was at 8:30pm  and 9:30pm, so it really wasn’t going up right then.

He did wake up whimpering at 1am, but he wasn’t too hot to the touch and he was only stirring, so I left him.  I think Jon got up with him at 2 or 3am, and then I just brought him to bed and nursed him at 4:30am, so it was a bit of a busy night, but he did good, and his temp this morning still with no Tylenol (since the last dose at 5pm) was at 37.6.

I realize that all of this is probably too much nit picky information, but I was surprised at how worried I was about it all.

I need to go and help the kids get ready for school, but I still want to update you all on our trip to the naturopath and the chiropracter….they were interesting appointments with some amazing information.

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  1. hi mom this is geli to day was quite hot but windy and verrrrrry sunny only I forgot to ask for sun glasses, I got new shoes. plane trip at first was fun then as you said it was boring. some things are still being rebuilt or taken don from Katrina. just went shopping and there’s a meating took lllllllllooooooooottttttttttttttttttsssssssss of you lots geli beli.

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