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okay, so it’sbeen a while since I had to deal with this…

Siah woke up with a fever this morning.  I’m really not into giving medicin to my kids unless its really necessary. 

My question is this, at what point do I worry for real……obviously I’m worried rght now, but when is it serious?

He isn’t coughing, and his nose is only running a little bit.  His temp got up to 38.5 in his armpit and so if you add .5 then it was up at 39 degrees.  At that point (8:30am) I did give him some Tylenol and now his temp is at 38.1  or (37.6 under his arm).  He was not very energetic before the tylenol, but now is just a little off from his usual self.

He’s pooped, peed, laughed, nursed and seems to be okay…..

Do I just wait and watch?  I hate dealing with this…He was 6 months old yesterday and this is our first fever…… sucks!

So, what do you suggest? 

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4 thoughts on “Questions for ya”

  1. I hate giving stuff to my kids too. With a temp like that I’d have probably done the same and given them some tylenol (I actually usually gave them Motrin because it last twice as long so I only have to give them one dose instead of more). But with the temp dropping and him acting like his normal self I’d sit it out and watch what happened. Often colds or other small viruses give babies the highest temps. Unless is gets a bunch higher I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Just do the normal things and make sure that you don’t over dress him or wrap him in too many blankets or anything. Sorry you have to deal with it, I know how not fun it is.

  2. I agree with Charlene, I don’t like to over medicate either and I was always taught the fever is just a symptom… the bodies way of fighting off an infection, not that you want it to stay or get high but sometimes long periods of low fevers can be worse… so I would pray and give him the tylenol..I personally always found motrin worked way faster and lasted longer! and if it continues more than 3 days or he gets lathargic..then I would take him in! I will pray for him too!

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