‘Siah had a flare up of ezcema last night.  How frustrating is that? 

We have  an appt with the naturopath today and i’m hoping to get some answers and hopefully some “options” of things we can try to do.  We also should be getting the results of Jer’s Hair analysis and that might be able to offer some insight into his world as well. 

I’m actually taking all 4 kids AT THE SAME TIME into the Dr. office.  Nuts, eh?  I think that jon is coming with me although he seemed quite stressed out about it all this morning so we shall see.  I just cant fathom all of them at once in the little office.  Eeeeek!

The whole eczema thing is bugging me…..he also barfed ALL FREAKING DAY yesterday. So obviously something I ate hit him funny, but what..and why???  It annoys me that I was the healthiest with him and thathe seems to have it the hardest of the kids……maybe that isn’t really the case.  He’s the happiest, and most easy going of my kids, and he’s sleeping through the nights and nurses like a champ.  things are actually going really quite well.  It’s just the food intolerances and eczema….so frustrating.  And I’d really like a HUGE piece of cheese right now or a giant piece of pizzza.  Can you tell that I’m frustrated?  I want to self-medicate with food….not good.  Maybe this wohle food restriction thing is not  bad thing after all..I have to learn different ways to cope with my stress rather than just stuffing my face with food  it never makes me feel better anyway, but it sure tastes good.

Hmmmm….well, I’ll update ya if there’s anything good to update.  Later!

Author: Patricia Culley

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2 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. Yeah fixing with food doesn’t work.
    I stuffed my face with 5 giant bakery cookies, icecream smushed between each of them, all right before I went to sleep. Denver kept saying I would regret it but I couldn’t think past the glazing of the eyes and the mindblowing sugar rush I had just jumped into. After the worst sleep of my life, in a long time, and feeling like trash this morning. I think that memory willl hold me off “food medicating” for a while…

    Some nice Kamut flakes and an egg seemed to set me back on a good path this morning.

    Oh the joys.

    Love you Lots…

    and lots…

    and LOTS.

  2. well I am just amazed at your discipline! I honestly don’t know if I have the will power to eat the way you do! so I am just in awe… hopefully you will get some answers and be able to handle whatever they are! I am sure you will!!

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