I’m not Alone

While I was in Toronto last week, Jon’s laptop had a minor mishap….it…um…died!  Badly!  Like gone, never to be salvaged……it was…..um…..a pretty crappy situation.

I got a text on Thursday night that said that he thought his computer had died, and when I finally got the message on Friday morning and called him at 6:30am his time……hee hee hee…..he was freaked and seriously stressed.  That stressed me out, and we had ourselves a serious stressed out time together, but 3 hours apart from each oother on opposite ends of Canada (almost).

He basically didn’t sleep for the next couple of days as he tried to retrieve the lost data…..it didn’t happen….and ended up getting himslef an unbelievably sweet Mac.  The 24 inch iMac.  It’s unreal and I’m trying hard to not covet it.  It’s that delicious.  I have no functional use for it, but it’s HUGE and fast and has a partitioned hard drive so you can run both Windows and Macs OS X (Leopard).  I really have no idea what I’m saying, but it’s HUGE and OH SO PRETTY!

That’s all a bunch of useless info….well, it’s not, but it’s not terribly necessary to tell the story that I’m about to tell.

Jon went into Vancouver to pick up this “thing of beauty” and my grandparents came over in case Jon wasn’t home by the time the kids walked home from school.  He wasn’t, and so it was good they were here.  I have the best grandparents……they are MY grandparents…not my kids grandparents….doesn’t that make them even more amazing……’cause you know they are older than dirt….Ha Ha Ha!  Just Kidding Grandma.  I love ya – just had to tease you.  They are actually really young Great-Grandparents to over…I dunno…..like a million great grandchildren.  Apparently we really take that whole “be fruitful and multipy” thing seriously, eh?

 Anyway, WAAAAAAAAAAY off topic here……….

Apparently, the girls took a looooooooong time getting ready after school and so Jeremy came home by himself.

Grandma asked where the girls were, and he replied that they were still at school.  So she asked if he had walked home alone.  He replied very simply……No, I was not alone!

She had a look to see if anyone had walked home with him and could see no one.  So she asked him who had walked home with him. 

His reply………GOD!

That’s not exactly what I was thinking when I said don’t walk home alone, but cute Jeremy, very cute!

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