Sooooooo Tired!

I don’t know how some of you do this on a regular basis.  I know that there are those out there who regularly pull all nighter’s.  I am not one of “those” people.

Chris has not been sleeping well for a couple of nights, and so we decided that someone should stay with him over night and see if that might help him get a better sleep.

Well, He did sleep better last night, but I volunteered to stay overnight.  That meant that I didn’t sleep.  I’m okay, but was planning on coming home and sleeping, and it just hasn’t worked out that way.  I’ve been up since Wednesday morning at 4:30am.  How many hours is that……….34 hours as of right now, by my calculations, and I will not be getting to bed before 10pm tonight.  So, unless I fall asleep standing on my feet I will be up for a total of 42+ hours.  Nice, eh?

Well, We are going to pick up the kids, and then I have to figure out something for dinner, and then I really need to put my feet up.  They are so swollen.  Oooops!  Not good, but the naturopath said that feet swelling was not a big deal.  It was a big deal if my hands and face were swelling, and so far so good!

Jon will be home with some liquid gold* in about 2 minutes, and then we are off to collect our children.

* Liquid Gold – Grande, Half-sweet, sugar free, hazelnut, soy latte from Starbucks! Mmmmmmm, and I’m not supposed to have coffee!  Ha!  Like that is happening right now!

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