The Week Ahead

Angelica finished her last round of chemo a couple weekends ago. The next round is called “Delayed Intensification” and starts on Thursday. In essence its like a mini version of the first two rounds of chemo and lasts until the end of January. In the first round, she lost her hair and had to deal with blood-sugar (diabetes) issues, and she is on basically the same meds for the beginning of DI.

There are a few things that are different for this round of chemo. 1) There are less doses, 2) the time is a bit shorter, and 3) she doesn’t have leukemia any more. In the first round she had less than 5% of her marrow actually capable of making blood cells and so when something killed her blood counts, it took a long time for the counts to come back up. That fact also played a big part in how the drugs affected her and what side effects she had to deal with.

Right now, her marrow has recovered to over 30% (which might not sound like a lot, but in contrast to 5%, it is. It is enough to make a lot more blood cells a lot faster). So even though we have had these medications before, we don’t totally know what to expect.

We are praying and hoping that she doesn’t have to deal with more hair loss or diabetes or the shots and blood tests that goes with that. We are also praying that she doesn’t have her blood counts completely decimated and that her immune system remains intact.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of Angelica and our family.

Author: Patricia Culley

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3 thoughts on “The Week Ahead”

  1. Hey patti i was hoping to drop by to see you tomorrow for few mintues from abbotsford to the ferry back to victoria. i have a cold and have not been feeling well the last few days and i dont want to pass that onto you. i will get most important stuff from abbotsford and wont be able to take all my stuff but that is okay. maybe another time i will get to see you. take care love and prayers debra

  2. Angelica is in my thoughts and prayers – along with your whole family. I hope that this process is as easy as possible, and I am glad to hear that her counts have recovered so much.

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