I love my girls. They are both turning into such amazing young women. Angelica is dealing with cancer treatment and being so brave (and winning) and Alexandra is showing such maturity in dealing with the changes at home. (And I really really really love Patti.)

Angelica is already a teenager and Alexandra is right on the doorstep, and this brings a whole new set of parenting challenges. I’m not freaked out about parenting teenage girls, but I am aware of what the world is like for them.  I make a point of watching the shows that they watch and we still get copies of their incoming e-mails. I want to know what messages they are receiving and how they are processing those messages.

The messages girls receive seem to be complete opposites. There is so much opportunity for women today to rise up and be as successful in any field as they desire, and the examples of successful women in business, politics and at home are easy to find. At the same time there are more messages in mainstream media that show girls in relationships that are at best demeaning… In most cases it seems that cheap meaningless physical relationships are the norm and I hate this! The message seems to be that what is inside has value and tremendous opportunity, but what is outside is not good enough, not valuable and not deserving of faithful devotion.

I want my girls to believe that they can be successful and at the same time they deserve to be respected in their relationships (not that they should be dealing with relationships yet), and that there is nothing meaningless about them, their bodies, or their feelings. (I’ve got a whole different post to write about the standards I want my boys to rise to as they become men gentlemen).

I can say a lot of words, but finding examples of this message in the real world is a harder task. It’s not that these messages don’t exist… Last year there was an episode of Bones where one of the main characters was talking to her daughter about relationships and sex. It was an exceptional conversation, completely accurate and a scene I would like to show my kids.

I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with it.  I dedicate it to all my girls. Patti, Angelica, and Alexandra… You are AMAZING, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE:

Author: Patricia Culley

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3 thoughts on “JUST AMAZING”

  1. Hey Jon

    The reason your girls are so amazing is because they have an amazing father.
    You are an amazing dad who is there for his family and you put your family first before job and church and friends. Of course God is the only one that is above your family. I know you truly love all your children very very much.

    I am proud of you Jon


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