It’s All About Poop!

So, here I am in Vancouver earlier tonight.  I went in with my dad to visit Chris.  We drove in around 3pm, and around 7pm Dad comes into the ICU to tell me that Jon has left a message on his phone wanting me to call back right away, and, “Oh! It sounds kind of important!”

Hmmmmmm, this can’t possibly be good news.  Jon never calls, and not with something important. 

I call him back only to hear that he is on route to the Abbotsford Hospital with Jeremy and he thinks that it might be his appendix.  Jeremy has a low grade fever, and was crying and freaking out about the lower right side of his abdomen.  They were just sitting down to eat dinner.  Jeremy took about 2 bites, and said that he had to use the bathroom.  He was there for a few minutes, and then called Jon crying and crying and crying and saying that his tummy hurt really bad.  He wouldn’t stand up straight, and wouldn’t walk.  He was in too much pain.

Fabulous, I’m so thrilled!  Nothing like family in two different hospitals at the same time about 5 cities away from each other.  Anyway, my mom said that she would take me out to pick up my car from their house right then, so off we went.

I got to the hosptial, and expected to find Jon and J still sitting in the waiting room.  Nope, they had been moved inside to a room with 3 or 4 other kids and their parents.  The doctor showed up about 5-10 minutes after I sat down in the chair with Jeremy.

They did blood tests and took a urine sample, and then did an X-ray!

About 10 minutes after we got back to our chairs from the X-ray, the doctor called us and asked if Jeremy would like to see his picture.  The doctor brought us over to the computer and showed us the X-rays.  He showed us the  ribs and his spine, and his pelvic bones, and the tops of his leg bones.  Then he showed us where the appendix would show up if there was a problem.

Next he pointed out all this black and shaded area that basically ran from where his stomach would be all the way down to the end of the line.  He said that normally they see little pockets of black, but he just had to show us the X-ray because our son had an IMPRESSIVE amount of poop in his intestines.  From the top all the way to the bottom he was completely full.  I don’t think he’s actually Constipated, as he poops EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY, and it’s never very hard!  In fact, it’s……ummm……….soft enough that he doesn’t ever want to wipe his ouwn butt ’cause he doesn’t want to make a mess of it all.

Poop!  It all boils down to POOP!

The doctor said that at this point our chances of this having anything to do with his appendix were ZERO!  He said that J needs to get lots of water, and eat a lot of veggies, and stay close to a toilet for a few days.

I have an appointment with the naturopath tomorrow, and I think I will ask her about it.  I think that this could have something to do with the diet he’s on as well as the different medicines.  He’s had these pains before, and had I been home, we might not have actually gone to the ER, but then again, if we hadn’t gone in we never would have found out that our son was full of **it.

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