Has It Really Been 2 Months Already?

DimplesI think I’m kind of in shock over here.

It’s hard to believe that two months have flown by.  There have been so many amazing firsts…..although if you asked me to name any, I’d be hard pressed to pull them up – just like that.  I’m also kinda sad, ’cause I’d like to squish you down and keep you little.

Not that you are really very little at a whopping 14 pounds and 23 inches long.

I think what I mean is that I’d like to stop time.  2 months has whizzed by, and pretty soon you’re going to be graduating and moving out and getting married, and it will have only been yesterday that I gave birth.

So much has happened in these past two months, and a WHOLE lot has not happened. 

Apparently, I can’t do EVERYTHING!  Who knew?

I mean I thought I was freakin’ amazing and could do everything.  I thought that I’d just add this one little baby, and I’d still be able to do everything that I was doing before he was born.



I’m lucky if I get one thing done in a day, and even if I manage to get one thing done, and still have actual day light hours to do another thing on my list…….I haven’t the energy.  I know I’ve complained about being tired, but when I’m rocking the little bugger to sleep at 12:23am while Jon is in bed sleeping, and then up at 5:47am wandering the house trying to get my little darling to burp so he’ll just settle down, and Jon is still sleeping…oh no…..wait a sec…..the alarm just went off….must be 6am…..and now he’s just hit the snooze button…….are you kidding me?  Just get up and rock your son…..I’ve been up 3 times already and my hips are killing me ’cause I need to make a chiro appt…….and there goes the alarm again….and he’s snoozed it AGAIN…………and now 15 million snoozes later it’s 6:52am, and the older kids are stirring and I might as well just get up ’cause the baby still hasn’t………oh, there’s the burp…..and now he’s sleeping, and I’m too annoyed to sleep.  Maybe I’ll be able to get a nap this afternoon…..yah, that’s right.  I’ll try to have a nap……aaaawwwwhhhh, who am I kidding…I can hardly ever nap……….this is definately a 2 shot Americano morning. 

Oh, did I just muse all of that out loud?  Welcome to my world!  We could call the theme tired and frustrated….mostly ’cause I’m tired!  Add a 14 pound mamma’s boy to that mix, and it’s a good time, people!

I’m serious about the not accomplishing anything.  Today, for example, I had a list (I can make lists while I’m nursing, so I know exactly what and how much I AM NOT accomplishing. – Yah Me!  It’s a real boost to the ol’ ego to make a record of what you can’t get done and to watch it just get longer and longer.  So much fun!) and I needed to go shopping.  I hit Costco and Superstore, and made it home before I had to nurse.  I needed to go to about 5 other stores to pick up 1 item from each of them, and before Josiah, that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but taking the baby out of his car seat for 5 minutes and then putting him back in it is frustrating and takes twice as long, and seeing as he doesn’t really like his car seat in the first place…it’s just hell all around, and so I don’t go unless I have someone with me who can stay in the car with the baby…….yes, I AM A DIVA…I need an entourage and I’m okay with that. 

So, I get home, Jon helps to unload the van while I nurse Josiah, and then there is one last trip to make ’cause I forgot to take a deposit to the bank.  Stupid, sleep deprived me!

Now I’m tired and parked in front of my computer covered in barf…..cold wet barf….you should try it….smells lovely!  I should have started dinner, but I haven’t and now I have to scrap what I had planned ’cause there isn’t time, and I have to come up with a quicker meal ’cause I only have half an hour….maybe we’ll have chilli for the 3rd time in a week.  Won’t the kids love that?

I have so much more to say and no more time……maybe I’ll be back later tonight, but probably not…..maybe tomorrow…but don’t hold out too much hope for that either……..until whenever………….

ps.  I have a random set of pics up on Flickr, and I’ll be explaining some of them over the next couple of days posts.  You can get a sneek peek here.

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  1. I can’t believe how big he is already! soooo chubby I want to kiss those cheeks!! and congrats to David and Lillian, so glad for them!

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