An Explanation of Sorts……

I’m tired!

Really seriously freakin’ tired!

So tired that I’d like to remove my eyeballs from my head, and pop them in my mouth to clean them from the gritty sand that feels like it’s embedding its gritty self into them. Then I’d like to remove my head from my body, and place it on the pillow, and leave it there for about a week.  At least them I’d know that some part of me was actually resting and getting some sleep.

Josiah is a lovely, lovely baby.  He is so happy and sweet.  He smiles anytime he’s awake, and is cooing at us, and loves to be held(ALL THE TIME) and I just absolutely love him to bits.

Night times are a bit more of a struggle.  He’s not awake mind you!  He has been waking up every 2 hours in the night which is getting a bit old seeing as he was doing 4 and even 5 hours at times, so I know he can do it, and if I weren’t so tired, I might attempt to just get him back to sleep without nursing him, but there’s the vicious circle……I am too tired to do anything other than roll over and nurse him.

He’s been awake until 1am or so for the last week and a bit, and then where I’d be happy for him to sleep until 4 or 5, NOPE!  Two hours or sometimes even less…..not fun!

I think that my lack of posting is directly related to how tired I am.  When I’m tired – My brain doesn’t function, and NOTHING in this world is funny or cute….not even Jeremy looking at me and asking in all seriousness when we can spend some quality time together?  What six year old asks for quality time……..what six year old uses the word “quality”?  BUT….I’ve got one better.  He asked me the other day if it hurt Josiah when they cut the umbilical cord.  “UMBILICAL!!!!”  seriously people….where does he pick these things up….I don’t even remember using the word in front of him, although obviously I must have mentioned it at some point ’cause where else would he have picked it up, but come on….this is a child who can’t sit still for 2 seconds even if I promised him an entire Halloween’s worth of candy.  Not that I would ’cause then we’d be peeing on walls again…have I told you that story…it’s a doozy…..I’ll look back in the archives to see if I did or didn’t……any way…enough for now.   ’til next time………

Author: Patricia Culley

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2 thoughts on “An Explanation of Sorts……”

  1. Hi Patti I can sympathize a little bit with you Have had the twins all week and they hae been waking sometimes at 2a.m. til three and the other one at 4a.m. til 5 Last night was better just Constance woke between 1a.m and 2 a.m. Veronica slept until 7. Verne and Connie are packing their van to-night and hope to leave at 4 a.m. (for sure maybe.)They want to get there before dark,to-morrow. Hope they don’t run into too much snow. Connie had really wanted to see your baby but just didn’t make it. Hope you have a good night. Love Grandma

  2. We’re in your boat. Leanna is 12 days old, and sleeps wonderfully during the day. At night she wakes up and fusses for far too much of the night. We finally get her settled for the early hours of the morning when little Jonathan (2yrs) starts waking up and yelling for everyone.

    Thank God for grandma in the next room. Seriously, you’ve got to get one of those!!

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