The 6th Week Pleasure

So, It’s my birthday tomorow.  Pretty exciting stuff. 

 I had really wanted to be finished having kids before I was 30, and had everything worked out acording to MY plans, Nathaniel would have been born in May of 2005, and then a couple of months later I would have turned 30……things don’t always turn out like you plan.  Now here I am, and Josiah was born a month and a half befire I turned 32.

That seems kinda weird, ’cause I remember my mom turning 32.  I would have been 9 or 10 years old, and she was my mom….and seemed so grown up.  Now here I am, with my own 10 year old, and I keep hoping that no one will find out that I’m just playing house, ’cause I don’t feel “grown up”, at least not as old as my perception of my 32 year old mother.  Not that I think that 32 is old – ’cause I don’t, but to a 10 year old…..I think  hope I come across as pretty grown up and mature….

So, do you all have any idea as to what happens in a young mom’s life around 6 weeks post partum….yup!  You got it!

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a sweet trip to the OB/GYN! 

I have been putting off making my 6 week checkup, and well, seeing as  I’m now late for it, I figured I’d call, and if I were lucky they’d be booked up until the 10th week of Octember…..NO SUCH LUCK!  The receptionist calms says, “I can fit you in tomorrow at 1:50pm…….

Thanks!  Thanks so much for fitting me in.  I love me some stirrup time.  Happy birthday, yeehaw! 

At least I know, I’ll be taking a shower tomorrow, and those have been in short supply around here recently.


Author: Patricia Culley

I'm the ringmaster of my own circus. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the monkeys.

5 thoughts on “The 6th Week Pleasure”

  1. HA! Patti you’re hilarious….I lucked out and postponed my post partum till 9 weeks though (in reality it just gave me 3 more weeks for the
    pap-dread to build up :))

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