39 Weeks plus 1 Day

This is officially the longest that I’ve ever been pregnant.

Both Angelica and Josiah were born 1 week to the day before my due date and Jeremy and Xandra were earlier than that.

I’m doing okay aside from this………….

swollen ankles and feet

I have puffy, puffy, PUFFY ankles and feet. The swelling starts just above my ankles and continues down to my toes….it’s lovely. It doesn’t hurt, but it is slightly uncomfortable.

I don’t really have a belly shot, but I’d like to get one…..hopefully today sometime.

We are wanting to get the cord blood from our baby in the occasion that it could be a help to Angelica. This means that I need to deliver here at BC Women’s Hospital……or that would be the best case scenario for us at this time. It’s not what I’d planned, but it is what would work out best for this situation here and now.

So this means that because I have in the past had quick labors that I need to hang around the hospital just in case this time goes quickly as well. It would be not cool were I to go into labor and try to get into BC Women’s from Langley only to have the baby in the car. Jon does not want to miss the delivery of our baby and so he too is here. This leaves our children in the loving care of our family and friends and we are so thankful that Angelica is expected to come home by next weekend. It’s not that long and I’m guessing that I’d have the baby within that time anyway.

We decided against inducing this weekend to give our little man a bit longer to cook, if necessary and to allow for labour to start naturally if possible.

Probably, the best case scenario would be if I gave birth close to the end of next week (which coincides when Geli is supposed to be coming home) and then we could all just go home together.

I’d initially thought that maybe I could hope to hold out on having this baby until I went home and then I could just go back to our original plans for birth and delivery with my midwife….but after talking with the lab who deals with the cord blood, I think it would be the best idea to have the baby here….not my first choice but possibly the best case in this messy situation.

I think that the stress of everything has stalled things from progressing as they seemed to be doing. Aside from the very stressful Thursday which ended up with me being monitored and having contractions 6 mins apart there have been a few twinges here and there, but nothing where I’ve really wondered if this was the start of something.

The midwife that I’ve had caring for me here in Vancouver has been unbelievable. June Friesen has gone so far above and beyond in her care of me….I don’t even have adequate words to describe how caring she’s been or how much she’s been here for us or walked us through some of the hardest and stressful days that we’ve had so far. She is an amazing midwife and I’m so thankful that Cathy referred us to her care. Although I miss Cathy terribly, I am in amazing hands and I’m so grateful to have such caring women as a part of bringing our newest little man into this world.

I did have a non-stress test yesterday and he is doing well.

I’ll try to get a picture of myself today and back add it to this post……(DONE)

39 Weeks 2 Days

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6 thoughts on “39 Weeks plus 1 Day”

  1. Ugh, always hated the over-due swollen feet feeling – but you still have cute toes!

    I didn’t even think about this baby being a help to Geli…what if God had this planned the whole time…you get pregnant with an extra blessing, just to find out that Geli is sick and your new blessing just might have cord blood that can help her — Geesh! What a great God He is!

    Thinking and praying for all of you and the new sweet extra blessing that he will come in the perfect time for all of you!

  2. Dear Patti You are an amazing Person and Mom. What a week you have been throughI so admire your whole attitude and strength, which I know is because of your trust in your Heavenly Father. We are praying for you in the events of these next few days for Gods continued strength and assurance that He is in control and wants the best for all of you. Our deepest prayer and greatest love. Grandpa and Grandma xxoo

  3. Hey Patti! Well I will be praying for a quick and timely delivery 🙂 And strength for you and hopefully a foot massage here or there 😉 What a time of anticipation and unknowns! Your journey is such an encouragement to me and maybe it is the knowledge that this is life and we are all going through something. Some more drastic and life altering than others but we are all on this journey together. I continue to pray for you and seem to be updating others which feels knd of wierd cuz I haven’t actually talked to you in ages! Thankyou for sharing your lives with us on this blog. I started my own blog but have no had much time to put into it. yOu guys somehow manage to keep everyone updated even during probably one of the most difficult times in your life. I just want to say thankyou for that. By sharing your own trials you are bringing life to others and that is a true gift.
    Well I shall sign off for the night and hope and pray for all things good to come your way through the night and tomorrow 😉

  4. WOW! We’ve been praying for you guys since we found out “through the grapevine”. My goodness, your baby bump looks fantastic, and fantastically uncomfortable! LOL! Hang in there (literally?). Hugs and Blessings! Can’t wait to hear how God knocks everybody’s socks off through this whole thing!

  5. Good Morning to you all. Geli, Mrs.Kostenak(your Wee College Leader)phoned to ask about you and tell you she is praying for you and lots of others at A.P.A.too Hope you had a good nights sleep and a great day to day with friends. Love and prayers Grandpa and Grandma

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