Angelica Update 6-17-10

Jon and Geli got into Children’s Hospital last night and finally got moved into a room around 2am.

We signed off to get some sleep around 2:30am and I’ve not heard from them this morning.


There was some initial confusion regarding the blood work and it looked like it might not be leukemia, but rather an atypical form of mono.

After some more tests, and a meeting with the Hematology/Oncology Doctor, his initial feeling is that it is a type or form of Leukemia that we are fighting against.

Her platelets were low enough last night that they gave her a transfusion over night. She also had her blood work re-done and had an x-ray.

The plan for today, as of last night (or early this morning), was to do a bone marrow biopsy and to test some of her spinal fluid. Both of these tests should bring more answers.

There has been some discussion with the Dr. at Children’s about the possibility of using Cord Blood from the baby to help Angelica and we should know more on that today.

It’s not something that we had thought about or looked into or planned for and so we need grace and wisdom and the timing of everything to work out perfectly.

I have an appointment with my midwife this morning at 10am and obviously will have a ton to discuss.

We will continue to update and let you know where we are at and we so covet your prayers at this time.

Things to pray for:

Angelica seems way too calm according to the staff at the hospital. She has a tendency to process her feelings and emotions very slowly and so we are just praying for her that she will be able to process all that she is going through and not stuff her feelings and emotions. Please pray for health and strength both physically and emotionally as she walks this road before her.

I’m feeling extremely emotional and try though I might I can’t seem to stop crying. Physically, the baby was moving a ton last night and so he seems quite happy. I am needing to be at peace and to be able to be confident that none of this is a surprise to God. Pray for perfect timing for the delivery of this little one and that all the details would be sorted out smoothly and in His perfect time.

Xandra and Jeremy are both upset and processing what all of this means to them and to their sister and to their family and they are doing so on an 9 and 12 year old level. Please keep them in your prayers as well.

Siah seems blissfully unaware at this point.

We could use prayer for all our family/friends as this is their Grand daughter, niece, cousin, friend and the uncertainty can be stressful.

Health and Peace, Faith and Wisdom! Those are the biggest things that we need right now…….thank you.

11:30am update:

Home from my midwife appt. Things look okay with me and baby. Wheels set in motion to be ready and able to collect cord blood. Geli had to receive another platelet transfusion as her counts needed to be above 50 to do the bone marrow biopsy and they were up to a 40 from the initial count of 9. So she’s received the 2nd transfusion and they are waiting on the numbers to proceed with the biopsy.

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12 thoughts on “Angelica Update 6-17-10”

  1. Update: I have wireless internet at the hospital, so i’ll be able to post some updates, but don’t have e-mail.

  2. hi Patti

    i felt your tears when i was praying for you early this morning. will continue to pray.

    God is bigger than problems. God is bigger than circumstances. Our God is a BIG God!

    Cast your cares on the LORD and He will SUSTAIN you; He will never let the righteous fall. PSalms 55:22

  3. I wish I had words of wisdom or a magic crystal ball that I could look into and see all was good down the road and could tell you that. I wish I could be there to give you a hug or play with your little ones while you got rest or visited at the hospital or cook or whatever you needed.

    I can offer up prayer. And I will.

  4. …completely speechless…. Praying for God’s hand to cover all of you right now. And healing and peace for Geli. Love you guys. We all stand with you….

  5. You are in our prayers and we will help in any way possible. We have been in your shoes and hopefully our experience will help in some small way….. Hurting with you….

  6. Patti and Jon, we continue to lift you and your family up to God. God always has a plan so we will trust that you will experience peace, comfort, and wisdom as you walk through this. We love you guys alot!

  7. I cant stop thinking about you all, luv you so much. stay strong patti, you’re family is in my thoughts and prayers. x0x

  8. Patti and Jon, I will be assaulting the throne for your daughter and the whole family as you go through this valley.

    I will keep abreat of the situation through your website and keep Angelica and the whole family in my prayers. With much love!!

  9. Hi Patti and Jon, All the family have been informed and are keeping you in our prayers. Karl and Claudia send their love, as do Stephen and Amanda. Ivan and Jo also send their love. There has been a lot of phone calls between Australia, New Zealand, Uganda and Canada. Our church families here join with you in prayer.
    I think Angelica has inherited the McRae genes where we handle MAJOR emergencies cool calm and collected, but boy I go to pieces over little things. Your grandma taught us this way!
    Love you heaps XXXXXOOOOOXXXXXX

  10. Hello Patti,

    I will certainly lift Angelica to our Lord for His mercy and expect a miraculous healing. As our Jesus loves the little children, I feel Angelica is seated on His lap and our Lord is gently stroking her hair with His healing touch. I will also continue to pray for protection and peace for your entirely family. The battle is on sister and, as Jonathan preached, when we take authority in His name, the enemy is trying to question it but ultimately WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS BY THE POWER OF OUR LORD. Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. This mountain will be removed. So be it.

    Love and blessings.

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