Hanging Around with Nothing New

Well, I got nothing in regards to a pregnancy or baby update. Nothing’s happening and while the ladies at our church threw us a Baby Shower last night….I’ve not gotten to those photo’s yet and so I’ll delay on sharing about that just yet.

We did go for a walk on Sunday afternoon. Geli stayed home and the boys and Xandra and Jon and I walked around Walnut Grove. It’s such a great little community.

I got some great shots of Jeremy….


He was in a great mood and posed for a bazillion shots……


A lot of times, he takes BRUTAL photos and so I’m always THRILLED to get some decent ones of him….


But today…..today we had some winners and I’m so pleased.

Which is your favorite?

My boys paused for a quick hug and I was able to snap up this shot…..


Siah was just mellow and chillin’ this particular afternoon……


My boys……I sure love ’em!

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