Time Flies

JosiahJosiah’s getting so big.  I’m not sure if I really like this picture, because he looks like a little boy, and not a tiny baby.

I’d rather dress him in little footed jammies, and onesies,and have him look little rather than put really cute tiny big kid clothes on him, but I figured that if I didn’t put this outfit on him, that he’d out grow it before he ever wore it, so this was his first day of real clothes….as opposed to pajama type baby clothes.

Yes, Jon is holding him, but he made a goofy face, and this was the cutest one of Josiah.  So I just cropped Jon right out of it.  Nice of me, eh?

I still can’t believe that Josiah is almost 6 weeks old now…..Boo Hoo!  Where has the time gone?  Before I blink he’ll be 16 and learning how to drive.  Can’t go there…freaking out……….moving on to a different topic.

Jeremy!  Oh my sweet boy!  What will I do with you?  You are sure teaching me a lot of different things, and not all of them did I want to learn or ever have to deal with.

So, first of all Jeremy was placed in the Grade 2/3 split class, and because he left Grade one not meeting the requirements for the Grade 1 level – I’ll admit……I was a little shocked when we were notified that he was in this class.  And then, to learn who his teacher was……well, she’s very strict and…ummmm……….comes across harsh and….ummmm……well, she seems kind of mean – to be honest.

So, Jon tells me that we have a meeting with his teacher, and the Learning Assistance Guy, and the Behavioral Guy on Monday after school.   Jeremy hadn’t been feeling well over the weekend, but seemed to be fine on Sunday.  On Monday when we were walking to school, he started complaining about feeling sick when we were just across the street from the school.  Hmmm!  What’s up with that?

He was full on stressed out and panicking by the time we got to where his class lines up to go into their class.  I walked him to his class, and then left him there crying.  Felt like a fabulous parent – NOT – , but I was hoping that he’d calm down and get “into” it, and be okay.

We got a call at recess time saying that he still wasn’t feeling well, and could we come and get him.  We did pick him up, but told him that if he was coming home sick…sick kids had to go and get in their beds ’cause staying home from school, sick, wasn’t a very fun thing to do.  To my surprise, he went and got into his bed, and promptly fell asleep.  No physical signs of sickness though.  All stress related!

We showed up at this meeting on Monday afternoon, and it wasn’t a bad meeting,  more along the lines of trying to figure out strategies to help Jeremy and his teacher in the classroom.  We shared a bit about J, and the LA teacher shared some as well, seeing as he knows J from last year.  The behavior guy helped to tweak some ideas about how to help J and to keep the teacher from going insane.

I thought it was a pretty good meeting as far as the two aid guys, but was getting some very weird signals from the teacher.  It really felt like she was upset that she had been given “this problem” to have to deal with, and I was feeling like she was very unhappy and upset that she”had” to deal with any of this.  Then, with no warning or reason, she got up and left the meeting.  Really, it was totally rude and completely outside of normal social acceptable behavior.  So much so, that I outright asked the LA guy if “this” was going to be a problem.  He assured me that he didn’t think so and we all went our seperate ways.

Jon and I talked about this at home, and were very upset about how it had gone down.  The next morning he went in to talk to the LA guy, and while he (the LA guy) felt for us, seeing as he was the teachers colleague it was probably better handled through the principal.  He had informed the principal as to how the meeting had gone……..the grand exit and all.

Jon called the school and arranged to have a meeting with the principal this morning.  Apparently, the teacher was upset, and in our talking, had heard some things incorrectly.  At one point we were talking about how if you yell at J then he shuts down and you lose him, and until he calms down you really can’t get through to him.  She took this to say that you can never yell at him, and she apparently has a very brusque style, and was upset, and ……….well, she was just overwhelmed about everything.

The principal assured her that of all the kids in the school, she wasn’t going to find more supportive parents than us, and that Jeremy was the best kid to have in her class. 

He even explained to Jon that the reason J was in the 2/3 split was because although J lagged a tiny bit in his reading and writing levels, he was “light years” ahead of grade level as far as comprehension and verbal skills – yes, my boy can talk.

So, we’ve had two full school days since then, and although we are still working things through…..things are MUCH better that I had even thought that they would be, and he’s gone to school free from stress related illnesses, and even had some REALLY good moments.  They are working out a chart/reward system, and he’s doing really well.  I actually think that there is a possibility that  he could excel in this class and under her teaching.  We’ll see!  But I’m much more hopeful than I was on Monday evening.  On Monday, I was just plain outright upset, and seriously hoping that I wouldn’t even have to consider homeschooling…….’CAUSE I AM NOT A HOMESCHOOLING MOM! 

Thankfully, no considering needed!  Well, I’m off to nurse a screaming boy!  Later!

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