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Good from Bad (part 2)

I’m wanting to put this down here so that I can just walk away from it over the next 2 weeks.   It’s not that anything HORRIBLE happened but it seems to me that it’s a lack of knowledge…..or, it … Continue reading

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Good from Bad

I’m SO ready for this break.  Not that it’s really a break…..what with kids home from school and then this little thing called Christmas.  But this fall has been a busy one and it’s not been easy.  I’m ready to … Continue reading

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If there was ever a night to allow myself an “out” this would be it. But as I sit in my bed, listening to some trance music that Jon has playing while he codes, working on a project for a … Continue reading

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#microblogmondays 9

This picture has nothing to do with anything except I love this little boy. *********** I am EXHAUSTED but do you know what I did today…….nothing physical. Literally, I sat all day. I took Josiah out to the psych evaluation … Continue reading

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Moving Forward The Morning After

So I posted last night….. I was tired and emotional and probably if those two factors had not ganged up on me….I may have filtered myself a bit more or even just made less typos…..maybe….maybe not?!? I don’t know that … Continue reading

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Finding a lose thread

It feels like I have a million thoughts running through my brain. I just wish I could pick one of them, out of the jumble. I feel like if I could find the loose end of “one” thought……then maybe…..just maybe … Continue reading

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Changes can be Good

So many new changes… We moved into our new home just over a week ago. The home itself is lovely and bright but the actual move just about did us in. We have moved so many times over the past … Continue reading

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Tough days

It’s been a tough day today. I showed up at music practice tonight sobbing and barely managed to scrape myself together enough to walk in only looking like I was half falling apart……bright puffy eyes and red nose. Parenting special … Continue reading

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For Me, The Investement is Worth it

It’s Wednesday night and Angelica has Riding Therapy. Jon has been taking the two little boys with him when he takes Geli which gives me just over an hour to myself (sort of). Geli’s been taking Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons … Continue reading

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DPA or otherwise known as “Keeping my Sanity”

The kids are supposed to have a period of Daily Physical Activity every day. In our house….this is also known as my Sanity Time. With three little boys all vying for my attention, things can get a bit crazy. Especially … Continue reading

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