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In Process…….

I had a counseling appointment this morning. While driving there, I tried to “check in” with myself… see how I was doing. How I’d been feeling since my last appointment? Less Anxiety, More Anxiety…Whatever…and as I attempted to “connect”…I found … Continue reading

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Hurting and Remembering

I remember the day we lost Nathaniel so vividly. I remember feeling so lost, so empty…….so removed and yet so shockingly forced into a reality that I never, ever, ever in a million years ever expected myself to be in. … Continue reading

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Other Side Effects

A little perspective from me (Jon)… I remember clearly the January day in 2005 when Patti looked at me with a worried look on her face and said that she wasn’t feeling the baby move. I remember the Sunday afternoon, … Continue reading

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37 Weeks

Well, my stomach muscles have finally lost the fight. It looks like I’ve dropped and I can actually breath and there is space between the bottom of my boobs and my stomach, but I’m actually measuring 3 cm larger than … Continue reading

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To the Very Core of Me

We had a pretty good day yesterday. We skipped out on a Fundraising Pot-Luck after church to just have some family time. I did bring a main dish as our contribution, so I didn’t feel bad about skipping out. It’s … Continue reading

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Never Forgotten….

Remembering……. Nathaniel Mark

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Early Morning Rising

I know tht 7:40am is not technically early, but….I’ve been awake since 5:45am, and as far as I’m concerned….thats freaky early. We had a meeting to attend yesterday and so when Siah fell asleep on the way into work yestrday … Continue reading

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The Day Before….

Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the day that Nathaniel died and was born. It’s been a funny lead up to the day….funny – different or funny – weird not funny – ha ha. We’ve talked about it off and … Continue reading

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In Keeping With the Theme…..

So, last week was a bit of a rough week for us over here, BUT……..we’ve survived and are back to being our cheerful happy selves. Thanks for sharing with me. I love it when your girlfriends will sit down and … Continue reading

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I’m Home

I Love Toronto!  It is cold, but it’s a dry cold and WAAAAAAAAAY nicer than our slop weather that we have here. ‘Siah did great during the whole week that we were gone. He is such  happy baby and such a … Continue reading

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