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My Journey with Food Addiction (part 1)

It’s said that knowledge is power and when it comes to food addiction and me, that saying is so true. Here is a decent explanation of Food Addiction and how it relates to me…….(just click on the underlined words) I’ve … Continue reading

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Birthday Crepes…..the Gluten-free Edition

It’s Jon’s Birthday today. He is 38 years old now. Seems like yesterday we were 19 & 21; and getting married….so weird to think that we are getting closer and closer to 40. He was saying, earlier today, that he … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over, but is it…. The weeks leading up to Christmas were a bit insane with trying to get all the presents made, but we did it. In fact, this year, I was actually … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Waffles

Recently, I’ve been reading about cooking gluten-free by weight and by ratio; and it is making SUCH! A! FREAKING! HUGE! DIFFERENCE! I’m making more consistently DELICIOUS gluten-free food. Cooking by weight – by ounces or grams – makes such a … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I feel better when I don’t eat flour. I love the things that I can make with flour and yet, when I eat too much flour….I just end up feeling bloated and gross. Last week, my sister and I decided … Continue reading

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Incentive is a Powerful Thing

It’s amazing what you can accomplish, if you want something bad enough. This video was taken before Judah was trying to stand. He’s never “really truly crawled”. He does this weird army crawl thingy and he’s only seen his cousins … Continue reading

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15 out of 56

Well, we are 15 days (2+ weeks) into Delayed Intensification 2 which is 56 days long (8 weeks). This is the second to last stage before Maintenance. So far, Geli has had a Lumbar Puncture, one dose of Intrathecal Methotrexate … Continue reading

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Celebrating Late

It was my Momma’s Birthday on January 14th, and I missed it. My Mom and Dad I didn’t completely forget about it, but I never got a hold of her to wish her a happy day and to let her … Continue reading

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An Almost, Not Quite, Sort Of Normal Day

The baby is upstairs sleeping and seeing as he slept for a grand total of 10 minutes this morning as opposed to the hour he has been doing – I’m really REALLY hoping that he sleeps for a while….I’d love … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Last year, we had a Christmas Eve Fondue with Jon’s parents and my kids LOVED it. In fact, this year in November Jeremy started asking about that thing that we do every year….with the sticks and the cheese and the … Continue reading

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